Paris in Cebu

Wander with S and be a Parisian for a night

Like so many of us, I am dreaming of setting foot to the most romantic place on the earth–Paris.

As much as I would like to be there this instant, my resources fail me at the present time. So instead of mulling over my inability to travel, let me just show you how I got a taste of Paris (if you can call it like that considering how much it will fall short compared to the real thing) on our recent trip to Cebu.

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Why I will go back to Wang Fu

Dine with S and M and binge eat Chinese Food!

I never heard of Wang Fu before.Β But I love Chinese food so when Mark and I saw it in Marquee, I am sold! Plus, I’ve been craving for dumplings for weeks already at that time and I badly need my fix.

I did not take photos that much inside because I was too busy anticipating for our order and when it came, I am too engrossed with the food. But see the rest of the blog to see what we ate and salivate!

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