Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2016

Pampanga is considered as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines because of its “manyaman” cuisine and delicacies. A visit to the province is never complete if one didn’t eat the flavorful dishes the place has to offer.

I am a proud Kapampangan and so are my co-bloggers from Pampanga Bloggers’ Society thus a Pampanga Restaurant Tour was organized to showcase the abundance of the province’s culture.


To give you and overview, here’s what happened last July 30 & 31.


Day 1, first stop: Nayong Pilipino sa Clark where the Philippine Culture is showcased. Masayang maging Pinoy!


Next stop: Abe’s Farm. Located in Brgy. Ayala, Magalang, this restaurant serves Kapampangan dishes in the middle of a lush setting.


Last stop: Toll House. This place is close to my heart because I grew up eating here with my family.


Day 2 also promises a day full of good food and started it at Cafe Noelle in SM Clark. Its nice interiors, friendly staff, and superb food makes dining here a no-brainer.


Next is Cafe Fleur. An old house turned restaurant offers Kapampangan food with a twist by Chef Sau.


And last but not the least, Apag Marangle in Marquee. This restaurant offers authentic Kapampangan dishes.

It was a fun two-day event where not only our stomachs got full but also our hearts because of the relationship we made with our co-bloggers and with the establishments’ owners as well.

My personal reviews on every one of these soon!




S Dines: BIF’s Smoke & Grill

Opened last May 2014, BIF’s Smoke & Grill had since been serving burgers, steaks, ribs, sandwiches, and fries to Kapampangans. It’s situated in one of the stalls of the long stretch of restaurants in Nepo Quad. The restaurant is owned by three guys who love American food.


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