#SWanders: Nann & Laine’s Wedding

On their 2nd Civil Wedding Anniversary, my friends Nann and Laine tied the knot again, this time with the blessing of the Lord and the Church.

All I can say about this couple is that they are the coolest! The way I see their relationship, it is a fun, no-worries one. I salute how they handle everything.

We were late, which was a shame. We went to the wrong church and missed our chance to walk down the aisle. But seeing Laine do her ‘walk’, now that was just a sight to behold.

Anyway, here are the photos I’ve taken. Wish I’ve done justice to the event. The wedding was just too beautiful, it makes me dreamy! Okay, will stop imagining now. Scroll down now:

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As an adult who works for a living and has only one day off, I find it hard to allot time to have a lengthy bonding with my family. Spending an entire day with them seems an achievement nowadays. Thanks to Fei’s Christening we got to date for a day.

Messy hair don’t care.
It was the first time I saw and hold Fei. We were at the hospital the day she was born but we didn’t see her because the nursery room’s closed then.

After the sacrament, we went straight to De Paolo’s to have our lunch. The menu set was superb!

After the reception we decided to go to SM Pampanga.

Nana had been instantly swept off by Kuya Mark.

We just basically roamed around the mall and shopped a bit. Quite exhausting but fun!

Some photos were not uploaded due to privacy.

Anyways, looking forward to more famdates.

‘Til the next!



The One who  loves you the most

Yesterday, my mother turned 45. Wow, that’s fast! Five years from now she’ll be celebrating her golden year. I couldn’t quite comprehend the rapidity of time nowadays. For me, my mother is still young; as young as I was young. For me, she’s still 30.

I am not the type of daughter who is showy of my love and affection for my parents. Yes, our relationship is cordial. We tease each other, we laugh together…but sometimes I feel guilty because when it comes to personal matters, I am not the type who will share my thoughts and feelings to them. I mean I do, but not immediately like a best friend will do with you.

As a family, you will not avoid problems. But that’s what I love about mine. When someone makes mistakes, we don’t condemn. We talk about it, we support each other, we comfort one another, we make each strong to face our battles together. And that’s what I love about my mother.

Mama is a simple woman and her love language is service. My whole life I could not remember one single moment she neglected us, our needs. She is always there to guide us, to go out of her way so that we will be comfortable. As a young woman, I become shameful of myself whenever I see my mom do the things for me instead of I do the things for her. I just want her to feel special but I just quite don’t know how. I want to repay everything she does for me and my brother and I exert much effort to do so, but I feel like I fall short every time.

My mother is not the one who nags, who controls. She lets us do our own decision. She voices her concerns and thoughts, but in the end, it is still our own volition to do the things according to what we want. She lets us fly on our own wings, she lets us stumble on our feet and she would always be ready to catch us when we do. When the time comes that Iwill have my own children, I would love them the way she does–without constraints.

I may not be able to tell her how much I love her and value her everyday, but her presence makes me feel secure. I don’t like seeing her cry. I don’t want her weak. I don’t like it when people are trying to put her down. I want her to shine. I want her strong. I want her to feel confident about what she could do. She loves freely. She loves without boundaries. She has a big heart which not only her children get to see but everyone who loves her.

I may be a brat and moody sometimes but Mama, I want you to know how much I value all of the love you are giving us. I treasure every little sacrifices you had to endure just to give us the comfort and security. Thank you for thinking more of us instead of what you need. Thank you for giving much love we never ever felt we have something missing in our family. Now it is our time to make you feel secured, comfortable, and happy. My brother and I want the best for you. Allow us to take care of you. I may not be the perfect daughter but I love you unconditionally.

Thank you for being my mother, my angel.

I love you so much Mama.

Happy birthday to you!



To have and to hold

It is the end of the first half of the year and all I could think of is how time flies. Anyways, June isn’t just memorable because it’s mid through the year but also it is the month of weddings. Heard of June brides? 🙂

And being a sucker for weddings and relationships, I gather my top 5 wedding videos which surely tugged my heart. I bet yours was also as I’ve picked celebrity weddings that made headlines in social media.

So here they are: 

5. Andi & GP. Andi Manzano, now Reyes, was once a UAAP Courtside Reporter for FEU, is a radio jockey, and had hosted numerous television programs. Her husband, GP, is a club owner, restaurateur, and a creative director. 

I may not have followed their love story and had just followed closely their life after seeing the proposal and their wedding video, but their relationship still remains to be a testimony that it’s okay to be crazily, madly, deeply in love without losing oneself. 

Now, the couple is now proud parents to Pilar Olivia. Oh, such a cutiepie!!!!! Gigil! So pretty like her mom!! Check out her IG page and gasp on her adorableness!


4. Byahe ni Drew at Iya. I’m sure you all know these two. Both are cool individuals and I can’t help but be drawn to their relationship. They’ve been together for too long before tying the knot. Unlike other celeb pairs, these two, who publicly admitted their relationship, had maintained their privacy. Plus it’s such heartwarming how supportive they are of each other. And I just have to say, their prenup video is the bomb!

3. JC & Bianca. I promised myself that when I get married, my wedding will be adorned with DIY things. It’s no easy job, it would consume a lot of effort and time, but I believe it’ll be worth it. That was, I guess, true for Bianca and JC’s wedding.  

I salute this couple for orchestrating such an intimate wedding ceremony with only their closest friends on one of the beautiful islands of our country. I also dream of having a small and intimate wedding just like this in the future. It’ll be more meaningful, don’t you think?

Anyway, I also admire these two for being achievers on their respective careers and how they are a fan of each other too. Now, baby no.1 is on the way. Bianca is such a blooming mommy-to-be!

2. Paul & Toni. Now, now, now. This is the wedding that I’ve been waiting for since I heard their engagement. I was like, finally!!! After 8 long years, theirs will be an upgrade because they get to share their lives together without restraints. Their vows just got to me, you know. We are all aware of Paul waiting patiently for Toni, respecting her parents’ values and all. It’s like a breath of fresh air amidst the modernization of the world at this time; that to be traditional is still the most core of what our values should be. I salute Paul for waiting, for being a MAN worthy of a WOMAN like Toni. I wish their marriage to be blissful. 


1. The Pats. Finally, we’re now on my top 1! 

I’ve been vocal of my admiration for this couple’s relationship. Patty is my life peg along with her substantial circle of friends. Whenever I read Patty’s blog, I can’t help but feel wonderful and be positive to embrace life. Her antics, her humor, her big heart is what drawn me in. And with her, I’ve found out that there are guys like Patrick. Guys who loves Christ that they make their girls fall in love with faith too. 

I love how Patty put her husband on the pedestal, and rightfully so. I am sure she thinks she had found a treasure in Patrick. A one of a kind man who selfishly loves. Hear their vows and tell me you didn’t shed a tear!! Man, this is my ultimate wedding peg!!! 

As of this writing, the couple are now on their waiting game stage as they are about to welcome their first baby whom they fondly calls the PATato. Hahaha! Oh read her blog (www.pattylaurel.com) and browse through her IG feed and you’ll get a dose of sunshine.

So there it is, my top 5 wedding pegs. LOL. Let me remind you though that the extravagance of a wedding doesn’t make a marriage. It’s how you and your partner make your relationship work base on love, trust, faith in each other, and your mutual love for God. 

I wish every single girls to find their perfect match. And I pray for all the girls who are now with someone that unconditionally love them. 

I pray for all the love in the world and for everyone to find their destinies. 🙂