Life & Love

An update in the Life: Engaged

It’s been a while. There’s so much in my life that had happened. Some I can remember, some I don’t. At this point in my life, what are my thoughts? I can barely remember who I was back when I was 20. How can 7 years had gone by so fast? How much did I… Continue reading An update in the Life: Engaged

Food and Dining

MSDines: Cafe Mesa

Last December 1st, my love celebrated his birthday! Yay for growing old together! LOL. Anyways, we had his birthday dinner at Cafe Mesa in SM Clark. It was both our first time to dine here. All I know is that they serve Filipino dishes. Cafe Mesa’s Palabok, the bomb! Lots of sahog and flavor. Cafe… Continue reading MSDines: Cafe Mesa

Things That Make Me Happy

#SWanders: Nann & Laine’s Wedding

On their 2nd Civil Wedding Anniversary, my friends Nann and Laine tied the knot again, this time with the blessing of the Lord and the Church. All I can say about this couple is that they are the coolest! The way I see their relationship, it is a fun, no-worries one. I salute how they… Continue reading #SWanders: Nann & Laine’s Wedding