That is, if you understand and empathize it will be more easier for you to sacrifice. Giving up on things may be a tedious task, but if you know why you’re giving up…that’s another story. For the past days I was given a concrete evidence God moves in His own ways. And who am I… Read More

Thoughts on a Holiday (Excuse my tanned self :D) I know I haven’t been writing as religiously as I want to. Blame it on fatigue brought by extra hours from work and the lack of the ability to string words coherently. Anyway, if I tried hard enough it would have come as some kind of… Read More

Woke up today with a smile on my face (my eyes haven’t opened yet) and uttered a little prayer thanking the Almighty for another day and the gift of Life. I believe I am destined to walk above this planet with a purpose no one could carry but me…with God’s grace.