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#STips: Part II: Gifting this Holidays

Now, as promised, here’s the 2nd part of my #STips regarding what to give this Christmas. We’ve tackled the gifts we could give to our godchildren on the previous post. Tonight, I will share to you my gift ideas for our friends. First and foremost, to be able to give meaningful gifts, you have to… Continue reading #STips: Part II: Gifting this Holidays

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Christmas Celebration with Gfour, Missies, and G4boys

Last December 20, my girl friends and I agreed to meet and bond at I.M. Monster Balibago to celebrate Christmas together. Tagging along were our boyfriends who officially became Gfour Boys. 😀 We had fun belting out Ariana Grande songs and dancing the night away care of the Just Dance game from Xbox. Oh, I… Continue reading Christmas Celebration with Gfour, Missies, and G4boys

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7 times 7 of Love♥

Aside from the fact that it's Lea's 24th birthday, today is also Mark and I's 7th month together. Yihii!We started our day baking Lea's birthday cake, which is also my very first cake!*Photo grabbed from the birthday girl's FB account. Look at their teeth! Hope it's their way to say the cake was delicious! Hahaha!!We've… Continue reading 7 times 7 of Love♥