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To have and to hold

It is the end of the first half of the year and all I could think of is how time flies. Anyways, June isn’t just memorable because it’s mid through the year but also it is the month of weddings. Heard of June brides? :)And being a sucker for weddings and relationships, I gather my… Continue reading To have and to hold

Things That Make Me Happy

Spent 3.14.15 being a godmother to the first ever baby in our barkada! From being missies to being kumares for life! The ninangs also decorated the reception with DIY stuff. Proud to have styled it for baby Reine. 😊 We love you Reine!

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Adventure is out there, baby!

My high school friend and her husband organized their first born’s First Birthday party last June 15 with the UP movie as the theme in mind. Eidan Mavi’s birthday celebration happened on Century Hotel in Balibago and boy, the details were spot on! I felt like a kid once again when I saw carts of… Continue reading Adventure is out there, baby!