Semper Ad Meliora

The little angel’s stage design for her Hello Kitty Themed birthday party. #SAdventures #HelloKitty #ThemedParty #Party #Birthday

Things That Make Me Happy

Dippin’ and Splashin’

Another birthday celebration of my loveyyy-- a pool party! The water was so cold, promise! I don't know what we had in mind when we thought of swimming during the coldest month of the year! Haha! But it was fun, it really was! Team white with these lovely ladies 🙂 Now with Mark and Rizaly...… Continue reading Dippin’ and Splashin’

Things That Make Me Happy

Purp ‘N Yellow Party: Mark’s 25th

After a couple of months of preparation which includes white lies, ninja moves, and DIY prowess, finally, I was able to pull off this surprise birthday party for my love! Insert big sigh of relief here! I've planned and prepared bigger events than this party before but boy, this was the most stressful one! How… Continue reading Purp ‘N Yellow Party: Mark’s 25th