Paris in Cebu

Wander with S and be a Parisian for a night

Like so many of us, I am dreaming of setting foot to the most romantic place on the earth–Paris.

As much as I would like to be there this instant, my resources fail me at the present time. So instead of mulling over my inability to travel, let me just show you how I got a taste of Paris (if you can call it like that considering how much it will fall short compared to the real thing) on our recent trip to Cebu.

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9 Things To Remember When Canyoneering

Wander with S and jump for joy!

It was something I totally not have thought of doing until I saw videos and blogs of it. Surely, Canyoneering is a dreadful thought if you are afraid of heights and always veering away from dangerous stunts. But why we did it? Up until now, I still don’t know why. LOL.

According to Wikipedia, Canyoning, or Canyoneering, is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. And boy, we did all that (except rappelling) and more! It was really a physical test for both Mark and I.

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Airbnb in Cebu

Wander with S and spend your vacation with Airbnb
Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post. I just want to share our Airbnb experience to give you readers an option when you go out of town or the country. 

It is my second time booking with Airbnb. The first was when we went to Hong Kong where we rented a huge flat for 2 nights and it was the best decision ever because it was affordable and roomy, it made our stay comfortable. With this positive experience, Mark and I decided to book a room again with Airbnb for our Cebu getaway. Hotel room rates were quite pricey and we want to allocate our budget to other activities we might want to do there.

So off we went browsing through the airbnb site and a week before our departure, we decided to get the Spartan Room of whose hosts are Eula and Francis.

It was a breeze coordinating with them. Though we never actually had the chance to see them during our stay, everything was smooth.

Their apartment has 3 bedrooms, of which they’re all for rent. I believe that the other two rooms were booked on the day we arrived. But, no problem, you won’t be bothered because, just like us, they kept their activities to theirselves.

Our room is a spacious one, with a king size bed that was so comfortable I always had the hard time waking up. There’s also a big cabinet where you could settle your things.

No heater for the shower though, but it’s okay! The bathroom was also roomy.

There’s also a TV set with cable channels. I love watching and this saved me during the times that we’re jusy chilling inside the room and while getting ready.

There were also free supplies for breakfast and complete kitchen appliances should you decide to make your own meals before heading out.

This is the address of the place. Its location is accessible and you can go to Ayala Mall Cebu in minutes (without traffic and on foot) and also near Fuente Osmeña Circle.

We got the room for 893php per night plus its cleaning fee.

Mark and I enjoyed our stay here and had good sleep for two nights before transfering to ABC Hotel.

Anyway, thank you Eula and Francis for the nice stay! Will definitely recommend this room to you guys!

Booking with airbnb is as easy as 1,2,3. But of course, always be vigilant! We may never know… but will consider this helpful site again whenever we need a nice place to stay at.

Should you want to book this place click this link –> Spartan Room Cebu

Hope all is well!


Note: all photos were from the airbnb site except my featured image which I got from Google image.

MSTravels: Cebu, a rundown

I’ve been stalling. Or must be too lazy. But hey, here I am now, going to talk to you about our most recent trip, our year ender–CEBU!!!

I sounded so excited, but I can’t help it! It was over two weeks but I can’t still move on. I will try to collect my memories to give you a blow by blow account of what happened during our 4 days and 3 nights stay in the Queen City of the South. I will be posting separate entries for some our activities to be organized, unlike my thoughts. Lol.

Anyway, this is a rundown of what happened:

Nov. 29, 2016 – Flight and Settling down

Our flight was at 8:35am in NAIA Terminal 3. Days before, Mark and I agreed to leave the house before or around 4am to cover the travel time going to Dau Terminal, estimating that it will take us 2 hrs to get to Pasay and 30 mins ride going to the airport, leaving us 2 hrs ahead of our scheduled flight. Even with a heavy traffic in North Edsa, our calculations were correct. But I was already sweating in bullets because I thought the traffic will take longer we would miss our flight!

Travel Tip: If you’re a first timer, your flight is in NAIA Terminal 3 and you’ll be coming from Pampanga or anywhere near, take a bus going to Pasay and tell the driver or conductor to alight you on where you could take a taxi going to the airport. From there, do not agree to take a fixed rate taxi. Get a metered one! Because our flight was early, traffic was still tolerable and it only cost us 75php instead of the 300php manong taxi driver was offering us. Or you could take the airport loop located near Taft Ave MRT Station, behind McDonalds for a minimal fee –20php! 

After a hassle free check in, we went straight to our gate and ate breakfast. I don’t like eating before and during transition in fear of taking emergency bathroom breaks, I just don’t like being bothered by it. But Mark was hungry and I gave in when he bought me a Chicken Empanada.

We utilized the now faster wifi and updated our social media accounts while waiting for the boarding time. The flight was right on the dot and arrived at Mactan International Airport at exactly 10am. I was swimming on the sea of clouds on our way.

Again, it was an easy breezy one, going out of the airport. I downloaded the Grab application but forget about it when we saw My Bus right outside which is going to SM City Cebu for 25php only! Saved us a costly taxi ride, again!

Travel Tip: MyBus is a perfect mode of transportation going to and fro the airport. You won’t be needing the MyBus card if you’ll be coming from the airport to the city but from the city to the airport, it’s needed. We only found this out on our way back to the airport, unlike on the day we arrived, we just purchased a ticket. Good thing we have an E Plus card, it saved me from going Hulk over the lady behind the counter (who is not very helpful at all!!!). So you have to make sure you have those cards or if not, you will have to take the taxi. MyBus stations are located in SM Seaside City, SM City Cebu, Parkmall. 

As soon as we arrived in SM City Cebu, we looked for a place where we could eat. And we found ourselves eating inside KFC. Lol.

We had to wait until 2pm inside the mall because that’s our check in time in the Airbnb room I booked for 2 nights prior the trip. Will share to you the room we rented in a separate post. We took a taxi and the building was easy to find. We settled almost immediately upon seeing that spacious white bed.

It rained for the most of the afternoon and we decided to just chill and take a nap before we head out again.

After refreshing, we went out and took a taxi again, as it was raining hard and jeepneys were all full and the traffic was horrible. We had to walk meters away from the taxi we abandoned to reach Ayala Mall Cebu. There, we went grocery shopping for our supplies for the next 3 days.

There was nothing much else we could do for the remaining of the day and we have to wake up early the next day so we turned in early to save up energy for tomorrow’s activity — Canyoneering!

Nov. 30, 2016 – Canyoneering + La Vie Parisienne

I will be posting a separate entry for this one! This was the highlight of our Cebu Trip and we totally enjoyed it despite the countless of times I had slipped throughout the trek!

Another solo entry for our bread & wine experience at La Vie Parisienne.

Watch out for those!

Dec. 1, 2016 – Mark’s Birthday!

The reason behind this Cebu trip! Of course it had to be special. His day was a chill one. We changed hotel. We went around the city and celebrated his natal day at Tokyo Table in Mandaue. Separate post coming up!

Dec. 2, 2016 – Last day

We basically spent the entire morning inside our hotel room to just chill and let the previous days sink in. Checked out at 12nn and went straight to SM City Cebu to kill time and went last minute pasalubong shopping. Again, we took MyBus and headed to the airport where we spent the remaining hours of our mini vacation. We just lounged there, abused the free wifi, and ate. Our flight was an hour late and we got home by 12mn. It was a long day but we were super grateful and happy that God provided us this trip. It was a needed break and perfect way to celebrate Mark’s 27th birthday.

So that was it! I promise to post about our activities as soon as possible! Plus the video too!

Til the next!




Art Is Alive

Wander with S and appreciate art in Cule Cafe

I have been surrounded by creative people all my life. From the moment I joined a simple art class way back when I was in sixth grade, I’ve became more curious and slightly jealous, of those people who really are great with their hands.

I can confidently say I can draw…when I am in my creative mood. But that’s just about it. I can doodle. I can imitate characters. But yeah, that’s just the extension of my artistic side. And I pale in comparison to my friends who can really, really create art that matters.

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