#STips: Part II: Gifting this Holidays

Now, as promised, here’s the 2nd part of my #STips regarding what to give this Christmas. We’ve tackled the gifts we could give to our godchildren on the previous post. Tonight, I will share to you my gift ideas for our friends.

First and foremost, to be able to give meaningful gifts, you have to know what are your friends’ likes and dislikes. But since I don’t know your friend’s preferences, I will just share general ideas to you.

So let’s start.

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#SWanders: Nann & Laine’s Wedding

On their 2nd Civil Wedding Anniversary, my friends Nann and Laine tied the knot again, this time with the blessing of the Lord and the Church.

All I can say about this couple is that they are the coolest! The way I see their relationship, it is a fun, no-worries one. I salute how they handle everything.

We were late, which was a shame. We went to the wrong church and missed our chance to walk down the aisle. But seeing Laine do her ‘walk’, now that was just a sight to behold.

Anyway, here are the photos I’ve taken. Wish I’ve done justice to the event. The wedding was just too beautiful, it makes me dreamy! Okay, will stop imagining now. Scroll down now:

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#STips: Gifting this Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner. I know right? That fast! I haven’t quite wrapped around my head the things that had happened to me this year (and the year before this!) and still, everything is moving forward, too briskly!

There are only two valid days in a year in which you could wish for anything and those are your Birthday and Christmas!! Since my birthday is still three months away, why not ask me what is in my Christmas wish list? Of which, of course, I will happily answer! *wink wink* But of course, this post isn’t about receiving. It’s all about giving! (But I’ll make a separate post about the receiving topic in the days to come! Hahahahaha!)

Anyway, aside from celebrating Baby Jesus’ birthday, Christmas is also the season of love, of giving.

I haven’t been the type who give gifts during Christmas except for my godchildren. They’ve been increasing exponentially like, really, friends? You want me to be the Ninang of all Ninangs? Haha! Kidding aside, I would like to personally thank my friends who chose me to be their children’s godmother–I know you know I am that responsible. Wahaha! Ehem, back to the topic.

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How to get your UMID Card

Before I went to DFA Marquee to have my passport renewed, I first went to SSS to see if I could squeeze in my hope of getting my UMID Card. But the office was full and I have no desire to wait in line so I switched to my original plan and go to Marquee.

However, I finished early with my renewal and so I decided to try the SSS Service Office we have in Robinsons Balibago, 3rd floor. There were no lines and people were few. I have doubts if they process the ID but I was relieved when the lady behind the counter informed me that yes, they do. They gave me a form and was told to go back by 2pm. I went there the exact time they’ll have lunch. But no worries, I could wait for another hour. I have an ebook in my phone and that made the wait less bearable. 

15 minutes before 2 pm, the lady gave out the numbers. I was number 2. The man before me was called at exactly 2. It took about 15 minutes before I was called. I only presented my Passport and they didn’t asked for anything more. To my dismay, the system went offline the exact time my record is being verified. But I was glad I waited because it came back again after 5 minutes. Some already left though before. 

After the verification, I was ushered inside to have my biometrics taken. It was quick and easy except for the part where in my thumbs and forefingers were being scanned. Mine were covered with chemicals which made the scanning difficult. 

The service was free and the ID will be delivered at your doorstep 1-2 months after. If you think you won’t be around the house, make an authorization letter and leave a copy of your ID.

You can download the form here already and read the requirements needed. 

Service offices in the malls are very efficient and practical for those people who work during weekdays. Kudos to the government on this one!

I can’t believe I did a lot on this day. Thank God for giving me a productive day!

Hope I helped you in any way. Leave your questions on my comment box. Don’t hesitate!