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The Eco-Faith-Farm Tourism of Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija

Wander with S and see the unfolding of the beauty of Cuyapo

Whenever I think of Nueva Ecija, the first thing that comes in mind is the Minalungao National Park. I haven’t been there but the photos I’m seeing in the net makes me want to come! But what’s more in Nueva Ecija other than Minalungao? Well, we were lucky to see the province and discover what is more.

Straight from Anao, Tarlac, an approximately five minutes drive, we had crossed the boundary and found ourselves in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija.

Eco-Faith-Farm Tourism

The municipality of Cuyapo is on the first stage of developing sites to attract tourists to visit the town. Dra. Florida Paguio Estaban, the mayor of Cuyapo, together with its tourism team are optimistic that their plans will flourish this 2020 and the coming years. Eco-Faith-Farm Tourism being their selling point as the town boasts land masses perfect for farming, mountains to climb, and churches for pilgrimage.

Cuyapo is a first class municipality of Nueva Ecija. It was once a part of Rosales, Pangasinan but became an independent town in the year 1859. It also played a role in our history during the revolutionary period and it was where Apolinario Mabini was captured by the Americans.

One of the sites that Cuyapo takes pride in is Mt. Bulaylay. With the early stages in making it a tourist attraction, Mt. Bulaylay offers tourists to try their 560m Zipline for P150 per person. It was an exhilarating rush, flying from one peak to another! And the view was spectacular. High up, you can see Tarlac, Pangasinan, and other parts of Nueva Ecija. You can also take a peek of Mt. Arayat’s peak!

The zipline is safe as the operators, headed by Sir Edong, maintain the cables religiously. They were also being watched out by the same makers of Sandbox in Pampanga.

The whole place is being guarded by the AFP and no one can enter without permission from the municipality/tourism office. This is to ensure the safety of tourists. The mountain can be climbed by foot, habal habal, or vehicles that can sustain steep terrains.

Tourists can also make arrangements and have their boodle fight lunch on top of Mt. Bulaylay. We were welcomed with a nice feast atop!

After filling our stomachs up and trying the zipline, our group went down the mountain and passed through the place where Apolinario Mabini last resided and captured.

To cap off the Cuyapo tour, we went to Flora and Fauna Farm owned by Mayor Flor where we were served with the delectable Fajardo’s Halo Halo.

Fajardo’s Halo Halo, perfect for the scorching heat

The farm is now being developed to be a farm based tourist site. The plans were to make the place not only a camping site but to be an overall farm life experience where tourists can pick flowers & vegetables that can be cooked straight to their bahay kubo, catch fish in the lake, horseback riding, ride ATVs, and a lot more! The farm was nowhere near in completion but the vision is something to watch out for!

Overall, the municipality of Cuyapo is a promising tourist destination that can be added on the list of travel enthusiasts. I sincerely wish that all of the plans of the local government will pan out and more Filipinos will see its beauty.

We would like to extend our thanks to Sir Danlou Calugay of the Cuyapo Tourism Office for taking us around.

This familiarization tour was organized by the Department of Tourism Region III and M.A.G. Travel and Tours. Thank you Ms. Pia of DOT-III for taking good care of us during the tour and to Sir Peter of M.A.G. for organizing the activities.