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Conti’s Newest Home in Pampanga


Having heard about its famous Mango Bravo from friends, I have been wanting to try to dine in Conti’s. It just so happens that their branches are far from Angeles that’s why I haven’t got the chance to try their dishes and desserts.


But alas! My craving tummy doesn’t need to travel to the metro because the company has created its home here in Pampanga! Hooray! Conti’s Marquee Mall, the fourth branch to open within the first five months of 2019, is now officially open!


My personal favorites are the Beef Salpicao and the Baked Salmon! I have yet to try the Mango Bravo, though.


One of those who spearheaded the opening is the CEO & President Mr. Joey Garcia, who hails from Pampanga as well, said that they’ve been hesitant to open a branch here because Kapampangans are well known in the culinary industry. But seeing its potential here in Central Luzon, they took the risk and are very happy that Conti’s is being pleasantly welcomed in the area. Plans are being made to open more branches in Pampanga, one in SM Pampanga and one in SM Clark.


With its doors opening to the Kapampangans, Conti’s is something to watch out for. Surely, it will be one of the go-to place that families will take into consideration when dining out. Our family included.

To more dining experience!



Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant Official Press Release

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8 May 2019, Pampanga City – Conti’s, dubbed as the famous home of the Mango Bravo, has finally landed in its newest domain, Pampanga. Opening its doors today, Conti’s Marquee Mall Pampanga is the first of many branches in Central Luzon, offering the Kapampangans another go-to place where they can satisfy their cravings for mouthwatering food whenever they wish to.

Conti’s is more than just Mango Bravo and other cakes. It also takes pride in its extensive menu, a product of its passion to deliberately create and share tasteful flavors and textures that would bring delight to everyone. Conti’s got you covered with its wide selection of appetizers, snacks, and main entrees to desserts. Conti’s is highly recognized for having the best dish for Salmon. Its very own Conti’s Baked Salmon has a special topping which complements the fresh Norwegian Salmon. The Kapampangans will finally understand why Conti’s patrons rave about the goodness of Conti’s Baked Salmon.

Another signature dish that certainly melts in the mouth is the Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce. This juicy thinly sliced beef is perfectly paired with buttered vegetables and a choice between mashed potato and garlic rice. Completing the top five most-loved dishes in Conti’s are its Pies, Chicken Ala Kiev, and Garlic Sotanghon. One will not run out of options when dining at Conti’s. An all-day breakfast menu is also available. Healthy dishes like various sorts of salads are also offered. Pasta lovers can also enjoy Conti’s line up of pasta dishes. Conti’s presence in Pampanga is truly a fresh offer for customers in search of variety of food ready to be served all throughout the day.

Conti’s Marquee Mall Pampanga branch has elegant and vibrant interiors which adds appeal to the whole dining experience of solo goers or groups of families and friends bonding over quality food. It’s one of the first stores that adapted a new look, a cozier and brighter design. Located at the center of Angeles City where all the happenings take place, Marquee Mall is the perfect spot for Conti’s newest branch. Since Marquee Mall Pampanga is just ajacent to the North Luzon Expressway, people coming from various places in North Luzon or those in transit have easier access to the mall, thus, a higher change for everyone to finally see, feel, taste and have a firsthand experience of the quality food and services Conti’s has been known for.

Visitors of Conti’s Marquee Mall branch may opt to enjoy and share the goodness of Conti’s products wherever and to whomever they want through its take-out service. Advance orders are also accepted with an option to pick up at the restaurant or for delivery. This is ideal for celebrations where Conti’s dishes like the USDA Beef Salpicao, Conti’s Baked Salmon, Linguine in Pesto Sauce with Seafood and a lot more can be served in party or family size. Conti’s Marquee Mall Pampanga branch also accepts large food orders to cater for special events. Its huge space and fancy ambience makes it suitable for gatherings. Customers are also warmly welcomed and well assisted by Conti’s friendly and courteous staff.

With Conti’s food and services surmounting high standards, it has far exceeded the expectations of its consumers which garnered a huge following and success throughout the years. “The opening of Conti’s Marquee Mall Pampanga branch is a huge leap in terms of actualizing our ultimate dream of forever sharing joy through quality food and services we give to our patrons. For many years, families and friends have relied on to us for a pleasant dining experience while bonding with one another. We’ve been there during casual lunches or dinners and also present in every milestones and celebrations. We wish to strengthen our presence and continue to be there for our patrons by offering a complete variety of dishes that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, this time, not just by the people in the metro, but by the Kapampangans as well. It’s high time to share the Conti’s experience and spread joy in our new home, Conti’s Marquee Mall Pampanga,” uttered by Michael Martinez, Conti’s Business Development and Marketing Director.

Check out Conti’s on Instagram and Facebook: @Contis_ph and Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant. Visit to learn more about the latest delightful dishes from Conti’s.

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