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MS in Taipei: Day 2 (We’re engaged!)

So here comes day two of our Taipei trip. Even if we just had 4-hour sleep, Mark and I woke up feeling energized and excited for it was the start of our adventure.

Our view the moment we opened the curtains. So sunny and promises a hot day.

We, again, ate the bread we bought earlier to stuff our stomachs up before we get to eat a big, full meal. Then, after taking a bath and made ourselves up, off we went downstairs and started the day with full of expectations and excitement.



We had a hard time finding the MRT Station closest to our Airbnb. We’re not bringing a pocket wifi nor we bought a sim so imagine the hassle of going from one place to another with no guide! Good thing we had access to a public wifi which I just caught while walking.


Finally, we found the station! It’s roughly 10-15 minute walk from our Airbnb. Quite far, but bearable if it’s not humid and hot.

We bought the 3-day pass at NTD440 which gave us unlimited MRT rides and bus services (bus numbers with only 3 digits, if I got it right, for 3 days).
First Taiwan MRT ride!

We decided that our first destination would be the Chiang Kai Shek Station. Taipei’s MRT system is quite similar to Hong Kong’s so it was an easy breeze. Anyway, you can download its map or take reference on the maps placed inside the stations to know where you should go off.

First glimpse of Chiang Kai Shek Hall

After a few minutes, we finally arrived at the Chiang Kai Shek Station. Hot air welcomed us as soon as we went out. The sky was blue and the sun is shining bright. It was a perfect summer day. The place wasn’t crowded. We got to witnessed the changing of the guards which happens every hour.




Now here comes the highlight of our trip. I really have no idea Mark will do it there and at that point in time. I have no clue or whatsoever. So it was such a shock when he went down on his knee and asked my hand for marriage! It was so surreal. In my mind, he would propose to me with our relatives and friends around. But I guess this was more magical as it was just the two of us. I can barely remember what he told me while he was on his knee, all I can recall is how silly I was because I was stretching my left hand to him already even if he hasn’t showed the ring yet. Lol. There’s a video clip to prove it and I get embarrassed every time we watch it. 😀


Mark told me that he already gave up on his plans and just do it the next day of our trip because of a number of blunders that happened whenever he’s trying to pop the question. For one, I’m already irritated because it was too hot. Then the tripod can’t stand on its own. Even our iPhones gave up on the heat. But while we’re chilling under the trees in the park, we noticed an old Taiwanese guy and he just talked to us like we were old friends and asked us questions about our relationship. He noted that it’s lucky for us to be wed in 2018 and have children already. Mark took that as a sign to go for the big event. He handed the old guy our camera and I thought he wanted us to take a couple shot. But lo and behold, the proposal happened and I said my ‘Yes’.

For some reason, I believe that my ring Mark bought represents us both–simple and uncomplicated.

We were both overwhelmed with what happened and our hearts were full when we decided to leave the, now, memorable Chiang Kai Shek and headed to Taipei 101 to have our lunch. Initially, we wanted to eat at Din Tai Fung, a restaurant with a Michelin star and famous for its Xiao Long Baos. But the queue was so long and our hungry stomachs can’t wait. We ended up celebrating our engagement in Taipei 101’s crowded food court. LOL.

First glimpse of Taipei 101 upon exiting the MRT Station.

While Mark was lining up, I took the time to call my parents to deliver the news. It turned out that they already knew what Mark’s going to do! Huli ako sa balita. Lol.


After eating our lunch and talking to my relatives via video chat, we decided to roam around the mall. It’s full of high-end, designer stores that I could barely look inside whenever we pass each one. The heat was on full swing as it’s mid afternoon thus we took our time chilling on the benches scattered around the mall while updating our social media accounts. A number of congratulatory messages bombarded us as soon as Mark posted our engagement. Thank you everyone for wishing us well!

Can’t afford anything inside this huge mall. Photo session is free, though. 😀

After we felt we had rested enough, we decided to go to Longshan Temple. Located in Wanhua District, it was minutes away from Taipei 101 and in no time, we alighted the Longshan Temple Station. Follow the signs and go straight up and you will see it right across the exit.

It’s a hot spot for tourists like us. We only spent a few minutes inside.


Now, it’s time to go to Ximending District! It’s just a station away from Longshan Temple and it is an exciting place to go to as it is the shopping district in Taipei. Boutiques and big clothing & shoe brands line up as soon as we stepped out of the station. We went to our favorite brands to see if there’s sale!


The sun’s slowly setting and we decided to go to one of the famous night markets in the city–Raohe St. Night Market. From Ximending, take the MRT and alight at Songshan Station, Exit 5. But since it’s not yet open, we decided to look around Wufenpu. Wufenpu is a maze of lanes and alleys of clothing shops where any woman who loves fashion would go crazy!!! Too bad, I forgot to take photos. Got short clips though. Watch out for my vlog, which is, like this post, is long overdue.


After going through the alleys (only few because the place is too big you will need a whole day or two!), we went straight to Raohe St. Night Market to get our stomachs full with lots of snacks that I dreamt of eating since I’ve watched a Taipei Vlog years ago.


It’s a shame not to have snapped photos of the stalls and the food but my memory will always remember the taste of all the snacks we’ve tried that night! Wanna go back right now!!!


That’s it for our first official day in Taipei! We could have went to other temples or tourist spots but we couldn’t have it in any way. It’s perfect as it is! Our hearts were full before we slept that night and the excitement doubled for the next day. Taiwan is really a country one should set foot in!

Anyway, ’til the next Taipei blog post!

love, S.jpg



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