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All I want for Christmas at P1,999!

13Christmas season has officially started and the ambiance had exponentially became jubilant with all the Christmas carols being played every time and the decorations being put up in the house, in the malls, and practically everywhere we go.


This Christmas, for me, is nothing like the previous ones because it will be Antonia’s, my daughter’s, first Christmas. And I definitely want it to be a memorable one. Almost all of our relatives will be coming home so it’s gonna be a fun & exciting one. With that being said, surely there’ll be celebrations left & right. Get together’s, big & small, are going to be tough in planning out and before you know it, we’ll be running out of ideas. Good thing I’ve come to learn that Gerry’s Restaurant & Bar are cooking something that will fill our stomachs without breaking the bank.


Gerry’s Restaurant & Bar is bringing us their “All I want for Christmas” set menus perfect for the Christmas Season. This will make us more focus on the fun & worry less on what we are going to serve during get together’s & parties. The star of these set menus is none other than the crowd favorite, Crispy Pata! Yum!

SET MEAL 1: Crispy Pata (Regular), Sizzling Sisig, Beef Kare Kare, Pinoy Chicken (6pcs), Pancit Palabok, Platter of Rice, and Iced Tea.
SET MEAL 2: Crispy Pata (Regular), Sizzling Sisig, Gerry’s Fried Chicken, Sinigang na Hipon, Pinakbet, Platter of Rice, and Iced Tea.
SET MEAL 3: Inihaw na Baby Pusit, Inihaw na Manok, Inihaw na Tuna Belly, Pork Barbecue, Garlic Adobo Shreds, Platter of Rice and Iced tea.
Dinakdakan – a variation of Pork Sisig, perfect with hot, steaming rice!
Tinomok – first time to hear about this dish. Minced pork wrapped with gabi leaves. I love it!
This Garlic Adobo Shreds!
Inihaw Baby Pusit

All of the set menus are good for 5-6 persons for only P1,999 starting this November 1, 2018. See? You can have a feast with your loved ones without emptying your wallet! What do you say, eating great food with the best company? Win-win!

Also, don’t be afraid in adding in some dishes that are new to you. Didn’t know about Dinakdakan & Tinomok before and they surely blew my taste buds away!


The “All I want for Christmas” set meals are available in Gerry’s Restaurant & Bar at the 2nd Floor of the newest mall in town, SM City Telabastagan near the cinema. For reservations and inquiries, you may look for the manager on duty or call at (045) 300-4384.

Head over SM City Telabastagan now, go straight to Gerry’s and be captured with their true, filling meals! Christmas Season is definitely in the air! It’s time to unwind & bond with your family and friends!

See you around!

‘Til the next food adventure!

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