Semper Ad Meliora

MS in Taipei, Taiwan: Day 1 (Travel Day)

Booking a Taipei ticket on dates where their summer falls was a bold thing to do, as Mark wasn’t a fan of blistering hot weather because he sweats easily, not to mention irate as well. But Taiwan is one of my must-go-to-countries so even if we have a little knowledge about the place, we both decided to just go for it. Countries with visas scare me with all the paper works and all but when I read about getting visas online and how easy it was, it made me confident that this adventure could go well.

(Read How To Get an Easy Taiwan Visa)

Fast forward to August, our excitement escalated as our departure date came closer. All documents were prepared not to mention our OOTDs (LOL). Flights going to Taoyuan Airport via CebPac were usually midnight and we had to fly through NAIA 3. Coming from Pampanga meant we have to travel ahead of time so as to not miss our flight. We arrived way too early though, we were at NAIA 3, checking in 4 hours before the flight. Haha! Talk about early birds.


Mark posted this on his instagram. LOL.

Before going through the immigration, Mark and I looked for money changer counters and compared the rates. We ended up not having our money changed though and decided to have it done once we arrived at the Taoyuan Airport. So off we went to the immigration and was off the hook easily and without hassle which was such a total relief! Now, the waiting game begins (after eating cup noodles for dinner ;p)!

At around 10:00 pm on August 8, 2017, the airplane took off and I was having mixed emotions. It was like seeing your dream unfolding right before your eyes! So paano pa pala if Euro trip pa ‘to? Haha!


After about two hours, we arrived at Taoyuan Airport. Yay! It’s a pretty airport and still busy though shops were closed already. There was a convenience store open 24 hrs though located right before you go outside the airport.


Our immigration experience was such a breeze, they only asked a couple of questions. Then we went straight to the only money changer stall open. After having our pocket money changed, we went straight to buy tickets for a bus ride that will take us to Taipei Main Station at NTD 125 each (around Php 220). It was a 45-minute ride, if I can remember correctly. It’s midnight so everything seemed silent. Once we arrived at Taipei Main Station, we spotted taxis lined up. We hailed one and show to the driver the address of our Airbnb. It wasn’t that hard to find and we paid for NTD 120, which I think was the flat rate during midnight.


Since it was past 3am when we got inside our Airbnb (it was creepy but the condo building seems nice and secured), we just opted to buy breads in 7 Eleven which was just across the building. After fixing ourselves, we decided to sleep already as the next day will be a long one!

Stay tuned for the next coming parts of our Taipei trip!






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