Life & Love

An update in the Life: Engaged

It’s been a while. There’s so much in my life that had happened. Some I can remember, some I don’t.


At this point in my life, what are my thoughts?

I can barely remember who I was back when I was 20. How can 7 years had gone by so fast? How much did I know more now? How much did I grow? How much did I learn about life?


I can still recall that my only dilemma then was how to find my true happiness. Fast forward August 9, 2017, I said my ‘yes’ to the person I want to build a future with.


Looking back, he isn’t who I dreamed of. But destiny and God had a funny way of presenting someone into your life that no matter how much you resist, you will realize that that someone is the perfect one for you.


I tend to be unhappy on some little unfortunate things, but I was gifted with someone who knows how to cheer me on and challenge me to be better.


I am always skeptic about love but I was gifted with someone who strives everyday to let me realize that the authenticity of your feelings is always based on how much trust you can give and how much you’re willing to receive.


I always fail every time but I was gifted with someone who sees past all my failures and always look forward to change and do right next time.


I do not know how to show I care but I was gifted with someone who put effort in making me feel I was being taken care of no matter how uncomfortable it was for him.


He is all that I wasn’t in many ways.



And so at this point in my life, I am readying myself to be worthy of the things I wished for and those that I didn’t even think of having.


I am ready to settle. 


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