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How to Get an Easy Taiwan Visa (Filipinos)

It is my first time to travel outside the country other than Hong Kong and it’s giving me a lot of apprehensions. I was always not inclined into booking trips with countries that need visas but after all the blogs I read and vlogs I watched, Taiwan made it to the list of countries I NEED to visit. So when Cebu Pacific had announced a promo fare, I knew in my heart I have to book it–even if it falls under the summer season of August.

With its policies that became lax last year, and the news of being a visa-free one, Taiwan is definitely the next top destination of Filipinos.

In this blog I will provide you information on how to acquire an E-Visa (Online Visa) of which we a few weeks before our flight.

Step 1. Go to Then click the link as indicated below.


Step 2. You will be directed to another link. Scroll to the bottom of the page and and click ‘Confirm & Continue’



Step 3. Another link will open. Choose eVisa Applications


Step 4. Again, you will be redirected to another page. This time it states the General Information on eVisa Application. Scroll down and hit the ‘I have read the above information’


Step 5. Now this is the main thing. An application form will open up and make sure to provide all the correct details on each field. Write N/A for fields that you don’t have an answer.



Nationality : Philippines, The Republic

Select Where You Will Be Applying For Your VisaAsia – Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Philippines

Category: Visitor Visa

Number of Entries: Single

ID No. : Your passport number

Occupation: If you can’t find your job title, choose Others (that’s what I’ve chosen and it was okay)

Address and Telephone Number in Taiwan: Your hotel or Airbnb

Email: This is essential and you must double check or triple check to see if you wrote the correct address for this is where your visa will be sent to.

If you think you’ve covered all the fields, click ‘Next’click

Put your correct passport details. Don’t fill up the details of your contact in Taiwan to avoid any questions and choose ‘No’ on the spouse field. Click ‘Next’.


I answered ‘No’ to all of these. Click ‘Next’.


Then click ‘Submit’.



Click I Agree and this will appear:


Take note or your Applicant No. as this will be essential in checking the status of your application. Click ‘Process eVisa’


Review all of the information you’ve provided, type again your e-mail address. I didn’t put any E-Code and it didn’t matter on our application.   Then click ‘Next’, another chance to review all the information you’ve provided. Click ‘Next’ again and you will be redirected to the Payment Page. Visa Fee is NTD1600 plus NTD32 for service charge. Once your payment was processed, this will appear:



Ta-daaah!!! You’ve finished your application and the waiting game begins!

It took us 4 working days before I received an e-mail. My heart skipped a beat because they didn’t ask for additional documents.

On some blogs I’ve read, they got their visas a day after. So lucky!

Anyway, don’t be too nervous. As I’ve said, the visa application for Taiwan had been relaxed. Let’s just hope and pray that the visa free status will be signed soon.

There are other ways to get the visa: Visa Free Entry for those who possess documents issued by the US, CANADA, the UK, JAPAN, KOREA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and/or any of the SCHENGEN countries; and applying a Tourist Visa by going to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and submitting a handful of documents. I didn’t include these because it wasn’t what I experienced and know. I personally like getting the eVisa because it’s waayyy convenient and I don’t have documents which came from the countries above. So that’s it.

Have fun in Taiwan!




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