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Perfect Valentine’s Gift: How to Make a Photobook

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post!

Wander with S and make your perfect Vday gift1


Whenever I post my fresh-from-shipping photobooks online, or when I let my friends see them, I always get a number of questions from them. How, where, how much, etc. So I figured why not make a post on how to have your own photobook?

Back in the days, photo albums were a staple in every home, placed under the table in the center of our salas. Remember how you were embarassed to show your childhood photos to your friends? Funny how I find old photos and albums shameful and special at the same time. Our parents and grandparents were so obsessed keeping the photos together. I get them though. We all do, right? Who doesn’t like keeping memories?

Being in the digital age, however, photo albums are taken into the next level. Now they are called Photobooks. When I heard of them, I became giddy and want my own asap! I never knew how to make one back then but it was so easy you won’t have a hard time making one.

Remember, there are a number of websites that offer photobooks but my personal favorite and the only one that I trust in making my books is So if you wanna start now, head over to the website and read the rest of this entry for the step by step procedure. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, a perfect gift, don’t you think?

So let’s start.

Step 1. Under the My Account tab, register and make your own account. Just fill up the necessary fields and voila!

Step 2. Choose where to do your project.

a. Via online or the website itself. You only have to upload your photos, make your own layout or make use of the readybooks of the site.

b. Photobook Designer software. This is what I prefer because I can edit offline. Just go to the bottom page of the site, under Other Services, click on the Free Photobook Designer. It has two download buttons, one for Windows and the other is for Mac.


Step 3. Once the download is complete, you can now start editing and putting all your photos together. Create New Project> Choose Category: Photobooks > Choose Product Type: Hardcover and Softcover> Choose Product: 6×6 Mini square Soft cover (I always order this because of my P20 Metrodeal voucher!) > Type the file name>  Upload Pictures> Design your photobook the way you want it!


Step 4: After putting and editing all of your photos, which was the most tiring part, you are now ready to order your book. Just click on the green cart somewhere on the far right of the screen.


Step 5. Order Start. A message will prompt and make sure you are connected to the net.


Step 6. You will be redirected to the site and log in your details.


Step 7. Go thru the steps in ordering your book which are as follows:


Put your address and choose your shipping method.


If you have a voucher, just encode and redeem it under the payment step.


You have to have a paypal account to proceed and pay.


Step 8. Once the order has been confirmed, go back to your project and send the files via uploading or sending it over mail. I prefer uploading them. Just click continue then.



Step 9. Wait for the upload to finish!


Step 10. Last but not the least, wait for about 3-4 days before it gets delivered right on your doorstep! It is easy as that!

As I’ve mentioned in passing above, I bought Metrodeal vouchers of the 6×6 mini square softcover for P20. Head over the site and buy yours too as many as you like! I like hoarding because, duh, you’ll never know when it will come handy!

So there you go! I hoped I helped you with this entry. Shoot me a message if you still have questions, alright!

Anyways, S needs to sleep.

Good night loves!


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