Butterworld: The newest bakeshop in town

Wander with S and take a bite of fresh, baked goods!

I am a fan of anything baked. I don’t know, I just love breads and pastries. The effort, time and money it requires, it just makes the finished product all the more precious. That’s why I felt giddy when I saw a bunch of baked goods right in front of me, one sunny Sunday.

Located at Plaridel Square Bldg. Angeles City Pampanga, Butterworld is the newest player in the baked goods industry. Founded in Tarlac, the bakeshop is slowly expanding due to encouraging customer acceptance, outside its comfort zone, mostly in the Luzon area through its sales agents, branch outlet, franchising, and distributorship. You could find Butterworld products in 7 Eleven stores!

Butterworld products include delicacies, pastries, chinese delicacies, breads, loaves, and cakes! You can commission them for birthday or wedding cakes for your special occasions!

With their quality and affordable products, people could expect to get more than what they pay for.

They also have gift boxes you could customize by picking baked goods you prefer to give. Perfect for this Christmas!

I can’t believe I’ve been craving for Butterworld’s brownie for a month now! Mental note to drop by the bakeshop this week! And you!!! You should too! See you there!

For more info, visit www.butterworldbakeshop.com


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