Food and Dining

Why I will go back to Wang Fu

Dine with S and M and binge eat Chinese Food!

I never heard of Wang Fu before. But I love Chinese food so when Mark and I saw it in Marquee, I am sold! Plus, I’ve been craving for dumplings for weeks already at that time and I badly need my fix.

I did not take photos that much inside because I was too busy anticipating for our order and when it came, I am too engrossed with the food. But see the rest of the blog to see what we ate and salivate!

It was my first time to heard of Salted Egg Chicken and that was Mark’s order. I am just too glad he did because it was so delicious I am craving for it everyday! Their dumplings, too, are the best! I could not much say the same thing about the Wonton Noodles that I ordered, though. I dunno, it lacks…flavor, to say the least.

Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed our experience and will definitely come back–if only for the Salted Egg Chicken and their Milk Tea which is 2 for 75php!!! And hakaw…and, basically everything!

Anyway, I have to stop rumbling because I could definitely feel the need to go back to Wang Fu, asap!

Go to a Wang Fu branch near you, now!



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