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Wander with S and appreciate art in Cule Cafe

I have been surrounded by creative people all my life. From the moment I joined a simple art class way back when I was in sixth grade, I’ve became more curious and slightly jealous, of those people who really are great with their hands.

I can confidently say I can draw…when I am in my creative mood. But that’s just about it. I can doodle. I can imitate characters. But yeah, that’s just the extension of my artistic side. And I pale in comparison to my friends who can really, really create art that matters.

Sadly though, only few could actually appreciate it. I mean, everyday you see the wonderful creations of artists but sometimes they tend to be overlooked. Every where you look at, for me, is art. I just have high respect to those people who take their time to build something, no matter what those are.

Anyway, enough of my blabber. I am writing this because I want to share with you my experience weeks ago when we, my co-Pampanga Bloggers’ Society friends, went to CULE CAFE.

Cule Cafe is a new cafe located inside Diamond Subdivision in Balibago, Angeles City which is primarily a home for our local artists. It is the owners’ advocate to relive the Art Culture in the area and to host to a number of artists. It is a home of creations where those who truly appreciate can see them. It is where our local artists could showcase their talents and be recognized.

Cule Arts Center

A home to all artists-both young and seasoned, amateurs and masters. Cule Arts Center is Committed to serve the community by providing a space for total creativity.

It is our dream to share and experience of being one with humanity–to share each God-given talent to all, to inspire, to do good and to nurture our culture.

Established in July 2016, Cule Arts Center is a brainchild of Stephanie “Stef” Zamora, Ann Bernadette “Ninay” Aquino, Angelo “Long” Melo and Minerva “Mini” Arceo.

The main mission of the Center is to develop a new breed of artists–artists who create to share, ensuring the balance between individual gratification and social responsibility.

It’s our dream to see artists to are responsible and accountable for every creation, artists who can manage their art assuring that each artwork will become a contribution to a bigger cause in the community, and artists who are always thinking of the common good of the people.

Cule Arts Center is dedicated to mentor and support artists who have high respect and love for the Supreme Being, the Mother Nature, and all humankind.

Cule Cafe have events where talents are being showcased. From Spoken Word Poetry, to jamming where the love for music and instruments is tantamount. Aside from these, Cule Cafe holds seminars and workshops where one can attend to flourish their talents or to acquire new knowledge.

Almost by the end of our stay in the cafe, two local artists– Mel Araneta and Christine Sioco, were introduced to us. We were awed by their talents, we discussed their mediums, and we share the enthusiasm and hope that art will always be with us and won’t be taken for granted.

 And before I forget, Cule Cafe does not only pay homage to arts but also serve good food. So if you are on your creative mood, drop by this awesome cafe–chill and look around the exhibit while indulging your stomach. Profits earned goes to support our local artists. Good cause, yeah!

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

-Henry David Thorean

‘Til the next wandering!




Follow like Cule Cafe in Facebook to be updated and join their workshops! Or visit their website: www.culecafe.com

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