A Taste of Tradition: Apag Marangle 

Wander with S and taste authentic Kapampangan dishes

And now we’re down to the last restaurant from our tour and it is no other than–Apag Marangle!

A friend, who is not a Kapampangan, will visit our province and will ask you where can he taste authentic Kapampangan dishes…what will your answer be?

One of the top of mind answers I have will definitely be this restaurant.

Apag Marangle, which means ‘hain sa bukid’, has been serving delicious Kapampangan dishes and other complementing cuisine since 2008 set in the middle of a fish pond where diners experience eating delectable food in a native way.

The restaurant is also known to offer exoctic food such as Camaru, Tugak (frog) and my personal favorite–Sizzling Balut!

Sizzling Balut




Suam Mais

Nasing Marangle

Another personal favorites are Nasing Marangle and Suam Mais. Perfect combo for me! And we capped off this awesome dining experience with another one of a kind dessert–Ebung Malat(Itlog na Maalat) Ice Cream! It sounds weird I know but it tastes like a normal cheese ice cream and it is phenomenal. Craving for it as I type!

Friends from Manila, are you salivating right now? Fret no more and satisfy your cravings for Apag Marangle’s dishes because it has now a branch in Park Square Makati!

Its main branch, however, is located in Pampanga-Olongapo Gapan Road Sta. Barbara Bacolor, Pampanga. And another one is in Marquee Mall Angeles City Pampanga.

For more details visit www.apagmarangle.com where you could order online too!

Like and follow Apag Marangle’s Facebook and Instagram @apagmarangle too!

Now, don’t you want to visit Apag Marangle now?

To more dining experiences!


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