Where your roots are: A dining experience at Cafe Fleur by Chef Sau

Wander with S and be inspired by the story behind this old house turned into a food haven

“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Truly an inspiration, Chef Sau’s life story is a perfect example of how far your passion and dedication could take you.

A Capampangan who left town with his family because of Mt. Pinatubo eruption, Chef Sau felt it was time to go back to where he came from. And really, what a come back!

Turning an ancestral home into a restaurant, Chef Sau’s vision became a reality when Cafe Fleur, after almost half a year of planning & execution, finally opened its doors.

At first it was a challenge. Chef initially asked himself, “What could I offer in a place where people are very particular with what they eat because they themselves can cook those dishes so well at their homes?” Being a Capampangan meant voicing out opinions about every dish we take because we, ourselves, know what it means when you say ‘good food’.

But Chef decided to serve Capampangan food to Cabalens, but of course, with a twist. And truly, every dish, though we’re familiar with, is unique. You would really know everything in the menu was made with such expertise that Chef Sau acquired over the years of being every where, gaining experiences along the way.

But Cafe Fleur isn’t all about Capampangan dishes. Other cuisines too are being served, especially those of Chef Sau’s favorites like Thai cuisine.

Cafe Fleur prepared a number of dishes for us to try on that day. It was totally overwhelming. The following section is drool-worthy. Enjoy!

A P P E T I Z E R S 

Tamales Pampanguena

Tinapa Truffle Mousse

Lumpiang Ubod

Crispy Okoy and Shrimps


Pako Savage

Fried Catfish and Green Mango Salad


Ulang Guava Sinigang

M A I N  C O U R S E

Creamy Rellenong Bangus

Adobong Duck


Lamb Shank Kaldereta

Desserts were also served to us but I didn’t get to take pictures of them because my belly was kinda sluggish with all the delicious food we ate. But their Bibingka Cheeseke, Pandan Sansrival, and Jackfruit Sansrival are all delectable and unique! However, I took pictures of these classic meriendas I ate while waiting for the dishes shown above. Tibuk-tibuk and Sampelut!

Cafe Fleur is becoming a frequent food destination of Capampangan and Manileños alike. Even celebrities drive all the way to Angeles City just to have a taste of its great food. It was already featured in Kris TV, of which the host is a good friend of Chef. He fondly recounted the experience and according to him, everything was just a commotion after but it was super fun.

In such a short time, Cafe Fleur has gained its popularity and won over many hearts. I just know it, many great things will come its way.


Dining in Cafe Fleur means a whole lot more after we heard Chef Sau’s story. It was inspiring…moving. He may have left Pampanga and went miles away back then but his heart led him back to where his roots are.

Chef Sau is planning to open another restaurant which sounds exciting! I think this will be on October so watch out for that!

Meanwhile, follow them on Instagram @cafefleur.ph and like their page on Facebook.


Cafe Fleur is located in Miranda St. Angeles City (across Imerex Hotel)

Tel no.: 045-304-1301/0995-313-8413

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