#SDines: Cafe Noelle

Wander with S and experience Christmas all the days of the year!

Ber months are coming, how time flies! The festive holiday season is near and in no time everyone will be preparing for it. But inside a nice and dainty restaurant, every day is Christmas. And it is called Cafe Noelle.

Named after her daughter, Chef Judy Uson put this restaurant up with Noelle’s favorite occasion in mind–Christmas. And who wouldn’t feel right at home if everything you see reminds you of holidays?

As soon as we settled on our designated table, Chef Judy gave us a brief history of this beautiful restaurant. Cafe Noelle opened its doors last December 2012 which is located in Greenfields Square, Mac Arthur Hi-way, Sindalan San Fernando Pampanga. Then 2 years later, a branch was put up inside SM Clark.

Chef prepared us a specific set of menu, a feast my tummy won’t reject. One by one, Cafe Noelle’s efficient staff served the dishes. Mouth-watering food were laid on our table, I can’t wait to taste everything!

Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip

  • A creamy and luscious dip made with artichoke hearts, spinach, and a bend of cheese

As soon as I took a bite of this, I knew the food that will follow will be great. It is so delicious I could eat this the whole day! I don’t even know how to move on from this.

Truffle Fries

  • Crispy shoestring fries tossed with parmesan cheese and basil, and given a final toss with white truffle oil. 

Doesn’t this remind you of Pik-Nik? This starter is for sharing and perfect to munch on while waiting for your main dish.

Mom’s Quinoa Salad

  • High-protein quinoa with red sugar beets, almond slices and feta cheese, tossed w/ raspberry balsamic dressing

I haven’t tried eating quinoa and sugar beets ever, so I seriously don’t know what to expect. I am very wary of food I have no idea about their taste so I was hesitant at first to try this salad. But curiosity won, and I don’t regret trying it. I love how my taste buds love this. This is a new salad made by Chef Judy and I am not yet sure if it’s now available in their branches.

Salad Noelle

  • Cafe Noelle’s best seller. A delicious salad made with a medley of fresh greens, candied walnuts, and fruits, topped with creamy cheese balls and drizzled with Sesame-Mirin Dressing

Cheese balls and fresh greens? I don’t even have to think twice. No wonder this salad is a best seller!

No, these are not freak shakes. But you will freak out on how much flavorful and rich these shakes are! Normally I don’t like shakes because they sometimes get too sweet. And I am not a Strawberry person but this particular shake, man, I could finish it all! Their Chocolate Shake too, the taste, what can I say? It just fits my criteria.


  • Roast Beef Sandwich

Thin slices of tender roast beef in our special house sauce, topped with crispy onions

Now, now, now, sandwiches! I don’t know how to emphasize my love of sandwiches and I am very particular to my preference on how my sandwich should be. This Roast Beef sandwich is very flavorful and have a generous amount of the beef. The sandwich is a meal in itself, it could fill up a tummy.


Chicken Apple Walnut

  • Classic chunky chicken spread with green apple and candied walnuts

Walnuts? Apple? Chicken? All in a sandwich? I haven’t come across one so having a bite on this one is a new experience to me. And I think I would have one again next time.

Now let’s get to main dishes shall we?


Home-style Roast Beef

  • Tender slices of slow-roasted beef smothered with our creamy mushroom sauce. 

It is so tender I didn’t have a hard time chewing this.


Honey Garlic Chicken

  • Crispy fried chicken tossed with a sweet and tangy honey garlic sauce

I love chicken dishes, and this added to my piling favorites!


Grilled Twin Porkchop

  • Spice-rubbed pork chops seasoned and grilled to perfection

At this point I thought there’s nothing that could mar the insanely delicious dishes served to us. And this pork chop this didn’t disappoint!


Salmon Salpicao

  • Sauteed chunks of Norwegian salmon in buttery garlic goodness.

I’ve tried chicken and beef salpicao before and again, it’s my first time to eat a salmon version of this dish. And I usually don’t like salmon but this dish, a thumbs up!

Pastas were also served and here are they.


(Start: bottom left, clockwise)

Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

  • Healty and light olive-oil based pasta with sundried tomatoes and olives

I am not much a fan of pasta having tomatoes but this dish made me want to finish the whole plate.

Truffled Mushroom Pasta

  • Creamy wild mushroom pasta drizzled with premium French White Truffle Oil. 

I’ve been reading a lot about people going crazy over dishes with truffle oil and I had no idea what was that, and so I was excited to eat this particular pasta just to know why they’re raving about the truffle. After tasting this though, I knew I have to have more of this.

Spinach Mozzarella Ravioli

  • Italian pasta stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach in pesto cream and marinara sauce

Ravioli? Did you say ravioli? Okay, I’m sold!! I was giddy upon seeing this dish and I can’t wait to devour it. I was in pasta heaven after having a bite of this. Can I have this every second of my life?

Desserts were served too and even if we were already full, of course, who were we to say no?

The Impossible cake, aptly named because of the complicated way to bake it– baking the cake & leche flan at the same time. The Banoffee Pie, which is a traditional English dessert made from bananas, cream, and toffee. And of course, the S’mores. I do not want to leave the table anymore!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What can I say? Trying out Cafe Noelle’s dishes is a feast in itself. I could not extend my sincere gratitude to Chef Judy for having us on that fine Sunday brunch at their SM Clark branch. I could not stress enough how much I enjoyed every moment we were there. Every one was so accommodating. Chef Judy’s daughter, Noelle, is a charming young lady. It was also a privilege to get to know Chef Judy, who is a celebrity in her own right (which I very much think is an understatement considering all of her achievements) but she didn’t strike as a standoffish kind but instead so warm, so welcoming, much like what Cafe Noelle makes me feel.

To experience first hand the Christmas magic, head over Cafe Noelle now!

Follow them on Instagram: @cafenoelleph, like them on Facebook Cafe Noelle and visit their website, www.cafenoelle.com.



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