Abe’s Farm

Wander with S and get lost inside a 4-hectare farm!

The Pampanga Restaurant Tour had kicked off and first on the list is none other than, Abe’s Farm.



Located in 98 Livestock Village Brgy. Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga, Abe’s Farm is a perfect get away destination for those people or family who craves for a change in atmosphere and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The farm has a restaurant where a full menu of Capampangan food and signature dishes from the LJC restaurant chains can be indulged and feast on.

Set in a bamboo and antique wood rest house, dining here feels like home.

A refreshing glass of buko juice welcomed us, perfect for that sunny afternoon.

A sumptous lunch was served, just in time after checking out the place. Beware though, the following photos will make you drool!

Paco Fern & Tomato Salad, P155

  • Young rainforest fern with tomato & salted egg in a light dressing      

Kare-kare, P595

  • Oxtail and tripe stewed in peanut sauce with assorted vegetables

Binukadkad na Pla-pla, P395

  • A Bistro Remedios original; butterfly cut tilapia fried to delightful crispiness, served with balo balo and mustasa leaves 

Bamboo Rice, P250

  • Mountain rice cooked with shrimps, wood ear mushroom, and bamboo shoots, steamed in a bamboo shell

Gising Gising, P240

  • Chopped stalk of kangkong with coconut milk, shrimps, and chili

Lola Ising’s Adobo, P395

  • Stewed pork belly in soy and vinegar, then fried crisp and topped with popped garlic 

Sikreto ni Maria, P165

  • One has to dine here in order to unravel the secret of Maria

Those were just a few of the dishes you could try when you dine here. Our tummies were so full & happy after stuffing them with great food!

Aside from serving delectable dishes, Abe’s Farm also offers accommodations for those who would like to stay overnight.

Chill inside a private mountain home and spend quality time with your loved ones. Regular check in time is 2pm and check out is 12nn the following day.

There are a lot of activities you could try inside the farm. Leave your gadgets behind and take a dip in the pool or play pingpong, pool, badminton, or board games.

You can also opt to try their spa services and treat your bodies with relaxing massages. Prices range from P400-P950.

Or stay inside an airconditioned Ifugao Hut and be one with nature.

For rates of the villas, go to their  official website.

Abé’s Farm is named after Emilio Aguilar Cruz, esteemed writer, artist, bon vivant and food lover and father of Larry J. Cruz. He was “Abé” to his peers, a Capampangan term which means friend.

The Museum

Inside Abe’s Farm there’s a museum called E. Aguilar Cruz Museum where the lives and contributions/works of Emilio Aguilar Cruz and his son Larry J. Cruz (founder of LJC restaurant chain) were showcased.

Visiting Abe’s Farm is a total experience. Enjoy great food, stay in style, relax and rejuvenate, bond with the family, and take a glimpse of past–everything in one place.

Why don’t you take a break and drive your way to this little safe haven in Pampanga now?

It is open daily, from 7am to 8pm.

Contact them here(0917) 808-5187 or email them at info@abesfarm.com.ph

For more details visit www.abesfarm.com.ph

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