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#SDines: Toll House, the food I grew up with

Wander with S and taste a little bit of her childhood!

Serving Angeleños for 28 years and counting, Toll House is inarguably one of the reasons why Pampanga is dubbed as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. With its delicious family recipes and affordable prices, dining in Toll House is worth every cent.

Opened in 1988 by the Concepcion sisters, Toll House had been a household choice when it comes to dining out. Their Baked Macaroni is one of their popular dishes that people keep coming back for. A family recipe, Baked Mac is cooked from scratch and its taste haven’t changed over the years. It is creamy and beefy, arrghh, I want Baked Mac now!

Aside from Baked Mac, their menu is full of comfort food like Baked Lasagna, Lengua, Seafood Supreme, Mixed Barbecue, Clubhouse sandwich, and a lot more!


This Seafood Supreme is so creamy and yummy! One of the dishes I always want to order here.


Toll House’s Tropical Chicken is the bomb! Copied this dish at home because we couldn’t get enough of it!


I don’t know about Bagoong Rice, but it is one of my faves! Toll House version is my go-to Bagoong Rice!

They serve rice meals and meriendas at very affordable prices. Every dish and desserts are made fresh everyday, using fresh ingredients which is I think the reason why every bite is a treat.


Lengua, one of my favorite comfort food, could be ordered in here also. And you won’t regret it.


Or try their Mixed Barbecue rice meal!

Dining inside Toll House brings me back to my childhood. I remember eating here with my family right after a Sunday mass. It is also close to my alma mater, frequenting here to chitchat over a hefty lunch with my classmates. The walls of this restaurant is one of the witnesses of my growing up years, that is why it is close to my heart.


And now, desserts!

Their cakes, too, are the best! Not to mention, affordable. It is at par with other cake brands in the Philippines, if not more. Celebrating birthdays within the family meant buying cakes from Toll House. White Chocolate is my favorite ever!


Their cake bars selection are also stars. A Carrot cake bar takes my bad mood away.


Toll House recently expanded, opening a branch in Marquee Mall, which delighted  loyal customers. It is such a hit, people always have to wait to get seats! I know, we do! We wait for minutes before getting a table just so I could eat my favorite Palabok.


But fret no more guys, because a new branch will open its doors soon! Watch out for their Newpoint Mall branch! Yay! More branches, more happy tummies, right?

Follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook Toll House.

Open from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm. Main branch is located in Sto. Rosario St. Angeles City near Holy Angel University. Marquee branch is in Ground Floor, next to Jollibee.


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