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Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2016

Pampanga is considered as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines because of its “manyaman” cuisine and delicacies. A visit to the province is never complete if one didn’t eat the flavorful dishes the place has to offer.

I am a proud Kapampangan and so are my co-bloggers from Pampanga Bloggers’ Society thus a Pampanga Restaurant Tour was organized to showcase the abundance of the province’s culture.


To give you and overview, here’s what happened last July 30 & 31.


Day 1, first stop: Nayong Pilipino sa Clark where the Philippine Culture is showcased. Masayang maging Pinoy!


Next stop: Abe’s Farm. Located in Brgy. Ayala, Magalang, this restaurant serves Kapampangan dishes in the middle of a lush setting.


Last stop: Toll House. This place is close to my heart because I grew up eating here with my family.


Day 2 also promises a day full of good food and started it at Cafe Noelle in SM Clark. Its nice interiors, friendly staff, and superb food makes dining here a no-brainer.


Next is Cafe Fleur. An old house turned restaurant offers Kapampangan food with a twist by Chef Sau.


And last but not the least, Apag Marangle in Marquee. This restaurant offers authentic Kapampangan dishes.

It was a fun two-day event where not only our stomachs got full but also our hearts because of the relationship we made with our co-bloggers and with the establishments’ owners as well.

My personal reviews on every one of these soon!




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