Nayong Pilipino Clark

Wander with S and relive the Filipino Culture.

To kick off the start of Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2016, we went inside Clark and toured around Nayong Pilipino. Yeah, I know it isn’t a restaurant. But this tour is all about appreciating our roots and culture and wasn’t it a neat way to visit the place?

Anyway, our call time was 9am at Main Gate. I was quite nervous at first but when I saw my  co-bloggers chatting away and were very welcoming, I felt at ease.

A shuttle fetched us to bring us to Nayong Pilipino. Of course, it is a jeepney, no less! Pinoy na Pinoy.

There are a lot of activities going on inside the park. A Muslim dance production greeted us upon our arrival . Maria Clara dance, Tinikling, & Pandanggo sa Ilaw, were also presented, scattered around the area.

Our guide toured in every corner of the park. We first headed in the Heroes village where the replicas of the houses of our Philippine Heroes were built. They’re being renovated though and we didn’t get to go inside each of them.


Another replica was erected inside the park and that is the Barasoain Church. I haven’t seen the real thing yet, but this stunned me already.

There’s also a museum inside Nayong Pilipino showcasing century old weave products essentially made for the wardrobe of our ancestors. They were too beautiful, too perfect, like they weren’t just made manually. Our ancestors were very talented and keen to details. I just wished the skill was passed on later generations. But we know how people nowadays fast and easy things. It’s disappointing, really.


An Ifugao and Kalinga Village are also inside the park. It feels relaxing and I felt at peace seeing all the greens and blues in my horizon. It was such a fine, fine day.



With the world being globalized now, cultural diversity isn’t unheard of. Much more so in our country. Philippines is open to being influenced by other nations that it makes me feel scared that maybe one day, our cultural identity will be too hazy we don’t know who we are anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. Adapting to the changing world is a necessity, I know. But I wonder if 10-20 years from now, will the new generation know where did they come from? That’s why I am very relieved that there is still something like Nayong Pilipino which features the diversed and colorful culture of the Philippines.

I recommend you to take a tour in Nayong Pilipino Clark. Relive the nationalism, refresh our history, immerse into our culture and feel proud that we are Filipinos.

Entrance fees are P150 for adults, P120 for seniors, and P100 for kids.

Pampanga Bloggers’ Society enjoyed taking this historical tour. Thank you for having us Nayong Pilipino! It felt like a field trip!





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