Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery

Wander with S back to Tang Dynasty

Mark and I have a week to explore HK together the second time around. And since we covered more areas in the HK Island side, we figured we should explore the Kowloon side more.


Before we flew in, going to temples, parks, and gardens were already added in our itinerary. We searched for the nearest ones in the area where we stayed but since travelling around the city is no hassle at all, going to places isn’t impossible.

Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery caught our attention. I love gardens. The greens keeps me calm. So we’re sold when we saw how close it was from Jordan. Though we walked from Jordan to Yau Ma Tei Station to save money since we will be changing lines there as opposed to taking two trains. It saved us bucks and it’s only one station away, not that far.


So from Yau Ma Tei Station, we took the Kwun Tong Line and alighted at Diamond Hill Station then proceed to Exit C2. You will see Plaza Hollywood the moment you stepped out of the station. Turn right and you will see street signs. Follow those and you will be in the entrance of Nan Lian Garden in no time.

The garden is open Mondays-Sundays from 7am to 9pm and its entrance is free.

Nan Lian Garden is a 3.5 hectare, Tang-style landscaped Chinese garden based on the blueprint of a famous garden in Shanxi province.

It was a raining the moment we woke up and good thing it stopped when we headed out. It was a gloomy day which, for me, added to the charm and tranquility of the garden.


This garden sits in the middle of a busy district. It was so tranquil inside I felt I was transported into another place.

Few people were already inside. It wasn’t crowded and you could walk around it leisurely, taking in the surrounding and it felt so good to fill in your lungs with fresh, fresh air.


The sun already peeked out and the humid started to get to us. We chilled for a couple of minutes in a shaded bench. I recovered fast and went cray-crazy, dancing in the middle of the pavement. Lol. There is a Vegeterian restaurant inside and a tea house too, where you could dine after strolling around. Cameras aren’t allowed, though.

We don’t have a tripod so it’s a challenge to take couple photos. Good thing there’s this group who wants their picture taken and in return they will take ours too. We also put my phone on timer mode and set it up against the stones and took this:


After refreshing up a bit, we walked again and reached the entrance of Chi Lin Nunnery. So let’s move on to the next.


Adjacent to Nan Lian Garden, Chi Lin Nunnery is a large Buddhist temple and followed the Tang Dynasty architecture. It is where Buddhist nuns go for retreat.

The temple halls and and the Chinese garden of the nunnery is open daily and free of charge.


Taking photos inside is strictly prohibited. But there, we saw the different golden buddhas and I was mesmerized by how everything is preserved. The temple is just a beauty beyond words. Staring at it felt like I was back in time.


That morning, Mark and I felt so much peace, walking leisurely, thanking heavens for allowing us to see and discover new places & culture. We felt so blessed beyond measure.

We ended the morning by having lunch in Plaza Hollywood and went for some shopping in H&M.

Until next time, love,





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