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#MSDines: Yakitori Binchotan & Ramen Sora

Dine with S and M at Yakitori Binchotan & Ramen Sora

If you have read my post regarding Gerry’s Grill Plus Balibago’s opening, you would know about these other two brands that are part of that concept store. Yakitori Binchotan & Ramen Sora are popular restaurants in Japan which were brought closer to us to taste authentic Jap cuisine.

Having been from Japan’s food capital which is Sapporo, Yakitori Binchotan and Ramen Sora promise to offer high quality, flavor riched, authentic Japanese food straight on our plates.

I already tasted some from their menu and the taste of Tsukune had hunt me eversince that I vowed to go back there and take Mark with me. And that moment was today.

It is Father’s day and though Mark isn’t really a dad yet, we still put the occasion to use and off we go.

We both wanted to try the Ramen (of course!!!) and settled with a regular Shoyu Ramen which costs P305. It’s large enough that two persons can share with it. Their house specialty is the Miso Ramen but I chose this because I already tasted the Miso one back in December.


We are rice babies that’s why we have a plate of a Pork Fried rice. If only the aircon wasn’t directly above us, the rice could have stayed hot for a longer time. Instead, it became dry towards the end of our meal. I think a plate costs P175, good for two.


Then Mark ordered this fried combination maki of salmon and tuna. I’m sorry I don’t remember how much it is but it’s only under P200 for 5pcs. I enjoyed this dish and its spiciness is just right and has a kick to it.


Let’s head over my two favorite dishes shall we?

The first reason why I wanted to go back to the restaurant is their Gyoza. I loooovvvveee the Gyoza! I can’t emphasize how much I want to eat it everyday! 5pcs of this meal costs P175 pesos. If you want 10pcs, it costs around P300…not sure of its exact amount.


And of course the second and the last reason was their Tsukune. It was love at first bite back on the opening day and tasting it again was falling all over again! A tsukune is a Japanese chicken meatball which is mostly cooked Yakitori style and often covered with sweet soy. Just thinking about it makes me crave for it again after a couple of hours eating them! Each stick costs P65.


All in all, our dining experience is quite an eventful one. Mark said everything was delicious and coming from a guy who’s too picky when it comes to foreign cuisine, that is something. Everything in our dinner table is s favorite. Although their service is pleasant, I felt kinda disappointed on how many times I have to follow up for our Tsukune and when it came after almost half an hour, it was the wrong kind of dish. The place isn’t on its full wing by that time…but I guess things like that happen. At least I enjoyed my dinner (for the most part of it). And oh, I love their Green Mango Shake too!

I would recommend the restaurant for those who love Japanese food and those who want to try something new. The place is nice and the food is delicious, you won’t regret it.

SDines: Ratings

Food: 4 out of 5 stars

Ambiance: 4 out of 5 stars

Service: 3 out of 5 stars


‘Til the next dining!




Yakitori Binchotan and Ramen Sora is located at McArthur Hi-way Balibago, Angeles City near Pagcor, infront of Azurro Hotel.





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