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5 Things To Do When You’re in Hong Kong

Wander with S in Hong Kong

It is my 3rd time to go to Hong Kong and I might say I’ve fairly come to know much more of this beautiful country. Wandering around Hong Kong is such a treat. So why don’t you let me show you the things that you can do in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is roughly an hour and 45 mins far from the Philippines. Because of its proximity to our country, Filipinos had taken a liking to spend their vacations there–may it be as short as a 3-day stay or up to 14 days, which is the allowable days to visit. Note that HK doesn’t require Filipinos to get visas, so getting there is as easy as pie.

Budget airlines and numerous travel tour agencies are offering low-budget airfares and accommodations which makes it more appealing to visit.

So what are you waiting for? Book flights and hotels now and rush through the rest of this entry to give you an idea on what your itinerary would be!

5 Things You Might Wanna Do In Hong Kong

  1. Walk. Walk a lot.


Hong Kong has 18 districts which are most-if not all-accessible through their MTR system. It’s so easy to hop on one place to another because of their efficient transportation system. But if you’re a budget traveler and don’t want to spend most of the time underground, then walk! Walking from one district to another is such a breeze not only because they’re close but also you won’t really feel tired because your eyes will be feasting on all the sights you could see–skyscrapers, busy locals, dainty boutiques, unique Chinese restaurants and the likes.


Case in point when Mark and I did a “photowalk” from Jordan to Tsim Sha Tsui in our first day on our recent trip. We had fun seeing tall buildings and the locals during their morning plus we got to take our OOTDs too. Win-Win! By walking too, you might find shops or restos that you could add on your itinerary throughtout the trip.


2. Explore the two sides of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is divided into two sides– the Kowloon side and Hong Kong side. No matter which sides you’ll be staying, riding MTR and ferry makes going over the other part fairly easy. HK is such a beautiful country that wherever you are in it makes a trip a memorable one.


Hong Kong side: here you will find Times Square at Causeway Bay where you could shop at international and local brands; Central where business offices are located and the ferry too which will take you to Kowloon side; Wan Chai market where you could buy unique fresh produce.


Kowloon side: Tsim Sha Tsui is here where the famous Avenue of The Stars is & the perfect spot to witness the Light Show every night at 8pm where buildings on the other side put up a spectacular light displays for tourists and locals. Mong Kok is located here too where Sneaker Street and Ladies Market could be found.

3. Ride all modes of transportation

When I first came to Hong Kong last 2012, I got mesmerized by the variety of their mode of transportation. Back home, we have jeepneys, tricycles, pedicabs, taxis, buses, & MRT. All are quite okay…and not that much because of the horrible traffic situation we have, so suffice to say, I’m enormously impressed on how efficient and efective HK’s transpo system. Standard went crazily high because of theirs.

Hong Kong has taxis, buses, and MRT’s too. But they also have trams and double decker buses! Riding them is so easy and getting off to your destination is no hassle at all, just be mindful on the station you need to alight to. Get Octopus card as well to get the full experience! Tapping the card and no hustling with your purse to get coins makes it a lot easier. You can buy these cards at the airports or MTR stations. Reloading them can be done in 7Eleven stores. Visit http://www.octopus.com.hk to know more.

4. Visit famous attractions & off the beaten track places


No Hong Kong experience is complete if you didn’t visit Disneyland, especially if it’s your first time. At HKD539 (adults) HKD385 (kids) and HKD100(senior), you and your family can enjoy all day inside the Park and have the Disney experience! Ocean Park is also a must visit for HKD385 (adults) & HKD193 (kids), where you can find extreme rides and marine life. Another famous attraction is the Ngong Pin 360 Cable car experience which will take you to Lang Tau Island and see the biggest outdoor bronze Buddha. Cable car rates are HKD255 for standard cabin and HKD325 for crystal cabin.


But if you don’t want to shell out money that much, there is still an option for you! And that is to visit parks and temples that charges no entrance fee! Visit Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery located in Diamond Hill and experience tranquility in the middle of a busy district. I swear I felt relaxed strolling around the big garden and was awestruck by the golden buddhas inside the nunnery. I didn’t know visiting such place could make me feel at peace right in an instant! Wish we went to Ten Thousand Buddhas too. Hmmm, next time!

5. And lastly, shop and DINE!

Hong Kong has a lot of malls and boutiques that shopping will never be a problem at all! All you have to worry is your wallet and the willpower to not overspend. Shop for pasalubong in Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market. For shoes hoarders, head over Sneaker Street and have a blast going from one store to another and be in shoes heaven! Head over Argyle St. if you are gadget lovers and buy your fave techies at cheaper prices! Sham Shui Po sells wholesale stuff from textiles to accessories, so for those who want to start a business, this place is perfect! Visit City Gate Outlets, too, which is located in Tung Chung station, and shop at the numerous store outlets inside.

And of course, shopping all day will leave you tired and HANGRY (hungry+angry), so stuff your stomachs with dimsum and other international cuisine. Try themed restaurants like the Hello Kitty Restaurant located in Tsim Sha Tsui. Go to food forums in mall basements and choose over a number of food stalls. There are a lot of Korean Buffet Restaurants around Times Square too, so check those out too! Experience eating on the street too, called Tai Pai Tong experience in Temple St. Night Market. Fresh seafood cooked upon ordering. Also, taste Tsingtao beer for a total Chinese dining experience.

So there you have it! My top 5 things to do when visiting Hong Kong. Always remember, it is your trip. Do so at your own pace and according to your budget. Exploring a new place need not be that expensive if you know what you want to prioritize.

With that being said, good luck on your future HK get away! What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now!


Much love,



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