#STips: Part II: Gifting this Holidays

Now, as promised, here’s the 2nd part of my #STips regarding what to give this Christmas. We’ve tackled the gifts we could give to our godchildren on the previous post. Tonight, I will share to you my gift ideas for our friends.

First and foremost, to be able to give meaningful gifts, you have to know what are your friends’ likes and dislikes. But since I don’t know your friend’s preferences, I will just share general ideas to you.

So let’s start.

1. Sweet Treats – Cake in a Jar/Cupcakes/Cookies

Ever since I learned how to bake, I’ve been into making sweets. I just love giving them away and it gives me so much delight whenever people compliment how good they taste. I might make some before Christmas and pose them as gifts this Holiday season. But that is if I didn’t get lazy. Meh. Haha!

But for those of you who doesn’t know how to bake or don’t have time to make some, there are lots of shops now around the city who accept orders. Sweet Options, Sweet & Fancy, to name a few.


*photo grabbed from @cupcakesbysonja

2. Clothes and/or Shoes

Now this is perfect for those of your friends who are into fashion. Online Shops of fashionable, low priced items are so ‘in’ nowadays that with just a click of your mouse, presto! You have your new clothes three days after right on your doorsteps.

Good thing we, Angeleños, have @zappatto now which houses a number of shoes and consigned a number of the most favorite online shops in the country! Why don’t you head over their store and shop ’til you drop. Visit them at Bay 109 Marlim Mansions Hotel, A.C. 🙂

However if you cannot go out and go to the physical store, here are my suggested IG shops (reminder: I didn’t buy things on most of them but their clothes are too cute, I wanna hoard! One of these days maybe!) :@djourshop , @chinitas_closet , @virtualtianggean


3. Personalized Notebooks

For those of your friends naman who loves writing, jotting down notes, and just basically love to doodle, personalized notebooks are perfect for them! Argh, I just love everything personalized because it shows how much thought someone gave on a particular gift. Design the notebooks (through Paint, Photoshop, Photo Editing app) and send the file to your chosen shop. Here are my personal picks: @dreamydesigns.ph  or @sketchnotes  or @poshthemes .



*Photo grabbed from the net

4. Accessories

Again, if your friends are into fashion, why don’t you buy them accessories? Trinkets for Keeps is a perfect shop where you can browse and order too pretty and dainty accessories!


5. Perfume

And last but not the least, why don’t you spread great smell by gifting your friends colognes/perfumes? Head over Bench, Zen Zest, Prescripto for low-priced gift-worthy perfumes!

*photo grabbed from the net


There you have it folks! These are just tips. Always remember, find a gift that has function in your friend’s every day lives and always bear in mind how it will fit his/her personality.

Part III–Gifts for Family coming up next!

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