#SWanders: Nann & Laine’s Wedding

On their 2nd Civil Wedding Anniversary, my friends Nann and Laine tied the knot again, this time with the blessing of the Lord and the Church.

All I can say about this couple is that they are the coolest! The way I see their relationship, it is a fun, no-worries one. I salute how they handle everything.

We were late, which was a shame. We went to the wrong church and missed our chance to walk down the aisle. But seeing Laine do her ‘walk’, now that was just a sight to behold.

Anyway, here are the photos I’ve taken. Wish I’ve done justice to the event. The wedding was just too beautiful, it makes me dreamy! Okay, will stop imagining now. Scroll down now:


Wedding Management by Details Matter
Venue: Grand Palazzo Royale                                                                         Ceremony florist: Country Blossoms                                                     Reception florist: Plumeria                                                                                   Invites: Milestones                                                                                       Photo /Video: Wedding East                                                                       HMUA:  Dey Caisip                                                                                           Gown: Rop Syquia                                                                                       Band: Kiro


Then someday, it’ll be us.




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