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#STips: Gifting this Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner. I know right? That fast! I haven’t quite wrapped around my head the things that had happened to me this year (and the year before this!) and still, everything is moving forward, too briskly!

There are only two valid days in a year in which you could wish for anything and those are your Birthday and Christmas!! Since my birthday is still three months away, why not ask me what is in my Christmas wish list? Of which, of course, I will happily answer! *wink wink* But of course, this post isn’t about receiving. It’s all about giving! (But I’ll make a separate post about the receiving topic in the days to come! Hahahahaha!)

Anyway, aside from celebrating Baby Jesus’ birthday, Christmas is also the season of love, of giving.

I haven’t been the type who give gifts during Christmas except for my godchildren. They’ve been increasing exponentially like, really, friends? You want me to be the Ninang of all Ninangs? Haha! Kidding aside, I would like to personally thank my friends who chose me to be their children’s godmother–I know you know I am that responsible. Wahaha! Ehem, back to the topic.

So gifting…

This year I’ve  been super blessed because I got everything I wanted which I prayed to get the start of the year. Well, not exactly everything, but at least some had been ticked off from my list. So to give back, I promised myself to save up so that I’ll have the money I will need. Aside from my usual recipients, I promised to myself that I will also share my blessings to my loved ones and friends.

So now that you’re holding your hard-earned money…here comes the tricky part–What do I give?

Of course, that’s where my tips would come in. Let’s talk about it shall we?

I’ll be splitting this topic into three posts. So the first part would be my tips that you could give to our GODCHILDREN or for the KIDS in your family. So here it goes:

Normally, because of lack of time, I only give enveloped gifts. It’s practical and can be done to the very last minute, like super last minute! But now that I’ve thought of it, what is so special about that? I like receiving gifts which are given with a lot of thought prior to purchasing them. So why don’t I give the same way I want to receive (though, remember, we must not expect something in return hihihi)?

I have been searching nonstop since Ber months came for gifts. And because I want to give a well-thought gifts…I looked for shops (thanks Instagram!) who make personalized ones. And here are what I found:

1.But if you have no time to actually shop on stores but still want to level up your enveloped gifts, try ordering Personalized Money Envelopes from @postscriptdesigns !

You could give them your preferred designs but they also have theirs of which you could choose from. Put a monogram on it or your name so that the little bunaks will know who gave the gift to them.


They also offer personalized gift wrappers, gift tags, and notepads!

2. Another item that caught my attention were these: Personalized Bags which I came across at @pompomzgifts.

How cute are these, yeah? Perfect for those little girls and boys who are about to enter school!


3.  My next suggestion would be Children Books!! How nerdy could Ninang get right? But let me tell you, you gotta start them young! Find and get those Dr. Seuss books at National Book Store and read them to your young ones!

Or you could buy them work books like coloring books, ABCs, 123s, and connect the dots ones. For sure, prepping them for school is a big milestone between parents and the kids. Be part of your godchildren’s education.


4. Kids nowadays are being fashionistas. Don’t we go ‘awwww’ when we see them dress up? I do! I have niece who is so fashionable and is being noticed as a little fashionista!

Go shop their clothes at H&M, Mango Kids, kids section at your mall’s department store and add accessories like little bags, shoes, and even hats! Browse thru this IG page –> @marieantoinettebabyco!


5. And last but not the least–toys! I do not know one kid who doesn’t like toys! But be careful on what to give them. Be specific on where and what kind of toy you would give. Some may contain lead that would be too dangerous for your children. Some would be really hazardous if played without your supervision.

So just to be safe, I would recommend you to buy toys that are not only entertaining but educational as well. Keep the kids learning while moving their body parts!

So head over Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us and buy toys that will develop their physical and sensory skills.

So there you have it ninongs and ninangs, titos and titas. lolos and lolas! Always remember to think before you buy for the young ones. Make it something useful and meaningful.

Watch out for the 2nd and 3rd part of #STips on Gifting for the Holidays!



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