Juicing your way

The one that really caught my attention during our stay in the Best Food Forward fair was this. Days before, I was searching of shops around Angeles that sells Juice bottles but I haven’t found one. So I’m glad that amidst the sweets and hotdogs and sushi, I saw this stand sells what I need. The proprietor of The Daily Jusa was really accommodating and gave suggestions as to what I could possibly like to drink. I am sorry I forgot to ask her name! I’m so horrible with making acquaintances! Head over their site to see more of their products: http://www.thedailyjusa.com/

We only bought 2 bottles of Jusa, which sucks because they’re so good you don’t even notice your drinking veggies, I resort to an alternative. I don’t know if it’s as natural as the ones I first bought but I think this juice is a nice option compare to the sodas that make my acid level rise and stomach bloat.

Anyway, aside from sharing what I’m interested in right at this moment, I also want you to think and shift your drinking habit to a healthier one. You don’t want to feel sluggish, heavy, bloated, unclean anymore, yeah?

On my way to healthier lifestyle,



(Disclaimer: I am no nutrition expert! I am happy with what I’m drinking right now and I guess it really helps my digestion and makes me feel cleaner inside, so this. Peace!)


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