Semper Ad Meliora


As an adult who works for a living and has only one day off, I find it hard to allot time to have a lengthy bonding with my family. Spending an entire day with them seems an achievement nowadays. Thanks to Fei’s Christening we got to date for a day.

Messy hair don’t care.
It was the first time I saw and hold Fei. We were at the hospital the day she was born but we didn’t see her because the nursery room’s closed then.

After the sacrament, we went straight to De Paolo’s to have our lunch. The menu set was superb!

After the reception we decided to go to SM Pampanga.

Nana had been instantly swept off by Kuya Mark.

We just basically roamed around the mall and shopped a bit. Quite exhausting but fun!

Some photos were not uploaded due to privacy.

Anyways, looking forward to more famdates.

‘Til the next!



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