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S Dines: BIF’s Smoke & Grill

Opened last May 2014, BIF’s Smoke & Grill had since been serving burgers, steaks, ribs, sandwiches, and fries to Kapampangans. It’s situated in one of the stalls of the long stretch of restaurants in Nepo Quad. The restaurant is owned by three guys who love American food.


The place has a rustic feel to it. It was designed by one of the owners who is a furniture designer too. Who wouldn’t want to dine in a restaurant as beautiful as this?


And if the place is great, question is would the food be as equally great? The answer is a resounding yes!

We find burgers everywhere! We hear a lot about steaks. We love fries (thanks to fast food restos). But to eat at Bif’s means getting the best of each. And this is not even an exaggeration. Each ingredient is fresh and customized so you get what you pay for.

Beware: the following photos will make you drool and crave!


Nacho Stack, P190 

Crispy tortilla chips, chili con carne, mozzarella cheese, jalapeno peppers, drizzled lightly with tasty cream. Served with fresh tomato, onion and fresh cilantro salsa. 

Nachos are sometimes overlooked because you could find one anywhere. But I never had been this in love with the dish, not until when I got to taste this! I am not really a food expert but my taste buds celebrated with each bite! I will come back for more!


BIF’s Caesar Salad, P190

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with our garlic-laced Caesar dressing topped with parmesan-scented croutons. 

I wish my words could tell how much I enjoyed eating this. The lettuce itself is a treat–so crispy and fresh! Its croutons are unique, far different from the croutons I’ve tasted. They are slowly-baked in the oven everyday, dusted with parmesan cheese.


BIF’s Buffalo Wings, 6 pcs P220; 12 pcs P420

Crispy fried chicken wings lightly coated with spicy sauce. Goes from mild to mouth-burning hot!

Face lit up the moment this was served. I am always wary to spicy food but this one definitely makes me want to devour each of those wings!


Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab, P350

A mouthful of meaty ternderness and glazed with our signature BBQ sauce. Comes with creamy parmesan mashed potatoes and a choice of fresh buttered vegetables, corn wheels, or baked beans.

And now this! It’s a knockdown! I’m running out of words. Aren’t you wishing to be at Bif’s right now, devouring this?


BIF’s B.A.D. Burger, P999

A 10-inch burger, made of 2 lbs. US Angus beef, with homemade crispy golden fries. 

Use my face as a reference and tell me if eating this is not a challenge! Perfect for a big group, B.A.D Burger could be eaten by 6-8 persons. Or if you’re that hungry, maybe you could finish this off all by yourself! The fries were unlike others, and the burger itself? The burger!? If I am not yet full at that time, I could have eating 2 slices! It comes with a secret sauce that brings out more flavor.


BIF’s Grilled Pork Steak, P290

Succulent and served with creamy honey-mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, and fresh buttered vegetables

This choice cut steak is tender and juicy. For those who are steak lovers, this is a must try!


Braised Beef Belly, P350

Braised in the oven for hours, U.S. Angus Beef slices that melt in your mouth, served with red wine au jus, rice, buttered vegetables and corn wheels.

Ugh. Seeing this now makes me salivate. One of my fave dishes served that evening. It really did melt in mouth! That’s how tender it is. I love the flavor, I love the beef. I love this dish!


Chili Dog, P240

Homemade sausage covered with Bif’s chili con carne, chopped onions and melted cheddar cheese. 

Did I already emphasize how much I love Bif’s chili con carne? Thinking just about it is enough for me to drool and yearn for it!



Of course, even if our tummies were already full, dessert is very welcome! Love the saltiness, sweetness, creaminess combined brought by this treat!

BIF’s servings and dishes will not make you regret dining in this spectacular restaurant. We’re always used to so-so taste of food but BIF’s took this to the next level. With their ingredients that were particularly chosen and imported, you are sure that the money you shelled out will not come to waste.

And there’s still a number of food I have yet to try.

BIF’s Smoke & Grill, wait for me, I’ll be coming back!

Everyone, head over to this awesome gastronomical haven!


Til the next dining,




Shout out to Ms. Khai Nunag who invited me to join this event; Ms. Nica for organizing this; Sir Jude, Sir Tim, and Sir Caloy for graciously welcoming us in your restaurant; and to my co-bloggers whom I met for the first time. Here’s to future blogging events!  

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