ABSCBN Studio Tour: It’s Showtime

Now I got time to blog about my ABS-CBN tour experience! Finally! So here it goes…

It was a spur of the moment decision. Actually, I had inquired about the tour weeks before and learned that you have to book two months advance at the first week of the month because of the great influx of guests they entertain everyday. But my friends and I were discouraged because we want to watch It’s Showtime immediately, without waiting! Atat lang kami.

I could not wait any longer so I took matters in my own hands and thought of, hey, why not be a walk-in customer? I asked someone from ABS about this actually and they said that they do entertain walk ins but make sure to be at their gate at 6 a.m. That was too early but I challenged myself to try. Mark and Rizaly agreed and were up to the adventure, so yeah, we took the bus and left Dau at 4:30 in the morning.

We were dropped off around in Quezon and walked to look for a tricycle that will take us to the studio. At around quarter to six in the morning, we found ourselves standing behind a long line. People were lining up as early as 3:00 in the morning just to have a seat inside It’s Showtime studio! At 6am, the gates were opened and event marshals were telling us that we might not get inside the studio because it’s Saturday and when it’s Saturday, guests of employees are invited to watch plus the scheduled tour groups and walk ins have 90% chance to get in.

Although we have a small chance of getting in, we were still optimistic that we will do. We were led to a holding area where we registered our names. People who were there often were telling us that only 50 might get in and the rest will be sent off. We were told to wait until 11:30 to know if we will get in or not. My mind was already thinking of an alternative way to get a bigger chance to watch the show live. Thank God two guys asked a personnel if we could be a walk-in studio tour customers and was given a go signal to try it out. But leaving the holding area means we cannot go back should we be unlucky in our other option. But we still pushed through because going to the other means waiting only up to 9am. So if ever we were denied, we won’t be wasting time.

So off we went to the Studio Tours office and we registered ourselves. That was 8am and we still have one hour to wait. While waiting, we roamed around and took pictures. We even saw some artistas. 😀

By 9 am, we were told that only 6 people could be given the chance to take the tour and I was 6th on the line, Mark and Rizaly at 7th and 8th. So we decided to just go to other places. Just when we were about to leave, someone called and said they need 8 more. Imagine my delight because we got in!!!!

A Studio Tour costs P180. We got to see the studios which the shows of the network use when taping. The last part of the tour was the main event: we got to watch It’s Showtime live!!!! So much fun and energy! It was a blast!

It was definitely an experience we will remember!

To inquire or book a tour, call (02) 415-2272 locals 3622, 3624 or (02) 416-3211.

Til the next,


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