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The One who  loves you the most

Yesterday, my mother turned 45. Wow, that’s fast! Five years from now she’ll be celebrating her golden year. I couldn’t quite comprehend the rapidity of time nowadays. For me, my mother is still young; as young as I was young. For me, she’s still 30.

I am not the type of daughter who is showy of my love and affection for my parents. Yes, our relationship is cordial. We tease each other, we laugh together…but sometimes I feel guilty because when it comes to personal matters, I am not the type who will share my thoughts and feelings to them. I mean I do, but not immediately like a best friend will do with you.

As a family, you will not avoid problems. But that’s what I love about mine. When someone makes mistakes, we don’t condemn. We talk about it, we support each other, we comfort one another, we make each strong to face our battles together. And that’s what I love about my mother.

Mama is a simple woman and her love language is service. My whole life I could not remember one single moment she neglected us, our needs. She is always there to guide us, to go out of her way so that we will be comfortable. As a young woman, I become shameful of myself whenever I see my mom do the things for me instead of I do the things for her. I just want her to feel special but I just quite don’t know how. I want to repay everything she does for me and my brother and I exert much effort to do so, but I feel like I fall short every time.

My mother is not the one who nags, who controls. She lets us do our own decision. She voices her concerns and thoughts, but in the end, it is still our own volition to do the things according to what we want. She lets us fly on our own wings, she lets us stumble on our feet and she would always be ready to catch us when we do. When the time comes that Iwill have my own children, I would love them the way she does–without constraints.

I may not be able to tell her how much I love her and value her everyday, but her presence makes me feel secure. I don’t like seeing her cry. I don’t want her weak. I don’t like it when people are trying to put her down. I want her to shine. I want her strong. I want her to feel confident about what she could do. She loves freely. She loves without boundaries. She has a big heart which not only her children get to see but everyone who loves her.

I may be a brat and moody sometimes but Mama, I want you to know how much I value all of the love you are giving us. I treasure every little sacrifices you had to endure just to give us the comfort and security. Thank you for thinking more of us instead of what you need. Thank you for giving much love we never ever felt we have something missing in our family. Now it is our time to make you feel secured, comfortable, and happy. My brother and I want the best for you. Allow us to take care of you. I may not be the perfect daughter but I love you unconditionally.

Thank you for being my mother, my angel.

I love you so much Mama.

Happy birthday to you!



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