Semper Ad Meliora

Back to normal programming

Ola! Yeah, S is resurfacing again! It’s been a while since I last opened my wordpress blog because I’m maintaining another blog which was hosted thru tumblr. Ssh, baka magalit si wordpress. *winks*

Anyway, I don’t have tumblr here at work and only wordpress could be opened here and I’ve been reading blogs the moment I sat down on my office chair and thought, hey, I need to write! Inggit nako sa mga updated na blogs, I need to add something na in my own.

The thing is, I want to write but I do not know what to write. Ewan, feel ko dapat may ganap muna ng bongga sa buhay ko before I write it down. But I realized, that goes against the principle of writing. I mean, in my perception, you write because you have to write but because you have anything to write, may it be not interesting to others. The point is, you write for your own satisfaction, you write whatever topic you want to write regardless if your readers will like it or not. Just write, freely, without boundaries, without limitations; write outside what your brain tells you to write. Let it go, ‘ika nga.

‘Di ko sinabing we practice irresponsible writing. ‘Wag naman ganun. Ang akin lang, payo ko lang sa sarili ko, don’t pressure yourself to write something that will interest others. Write something what is in your heart and mind at the moment. ‘Di pa naman siguro bawal magsulat ala diary sa online world ‘di ba? I mean, lately nagpapaka-trying hard ako to write as those famous bloggers eh I am not naman famous talaga. So better just write. That simple. Write. WHATEVER.

So here I am, letting my fingers type whatever they want to type according to my rusty brain already. Type away, sabi. Type awaaaayyyyy!

S is back!

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