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How to get a Philippine Passport

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with DFA and the following post was made to share my experience in renewing my passport. The information I put here was based on DFA’s website: 

My passport is close to expiring and I decided to have it renewed since I have a free day which I rarely get these days. I knew it will be quick compared to the first time I got one since M procured one almost a year ago. The nearest DFA office we have was in Marquee Mall which was located on the third floor. And since the mall doesn’t open ‘til 10am, I didn’t rush to get there. 

Before going to the office though, make sure you have all the documents required. In general, one must take note of these:

  • Personal appearance
  • No need to submit a passport photo size.
  • For the renewal, bring your expired or expiring passport

Please keep in mind that DFA Marquee is on first come, first serve basis unlike other offices where you could set an appointment. I didn’t think it’s necessary too because the process was quick and you’ll not get bored and think of the possible time you’ll waste waiting. 

I came in at 10:30am and after getting the form from the guard, everything seemed to be a blur because it happened too fast I didn’t get the chance to take pictures at all. To guide you, here are the step by step procedure:

Step 1: If you don’t have a form yet, go to the guard and get one. Fill the form up, check and recheck all the details then come back to the guard and give the form and the needed documents. DFA doesn’t get the originals so have them photocopied. There’s a photocopy inside the waiting room in case you didn’t yet.

Step 2. If there are many people who got ahead of you, the guard will tell you to wait to have your name called. But in my case, I got immediately directed to enter the office and a receptionist will be waiting for you there and will give you a number. There’s a monitor outside that says how many are being served inside.

Step 3. Now wait for your number to be called. They have at least 6 windows so you won’t wait that long. The person behind the windows will then check your documents. If your documents were okay you will be instructed to do the next step.

Step 4. Go to Teller 9 and make your payment. Make sure you have smaller/ exact bills for faster transaction. The receipt will be attached to your documents. Those who got their papers checked first and paid first will be encoded first.

Step 5. Wait for your number to be called. The guard will remind you to take your earrings, necklace, and contact lens off. Using cellphones is not allowed. When your number is called, proceed to the window and hand over your documents. The DFA employee will instruct you to sit up straight, fix your hair in such a way that your ears were out and visible and you can’t smile at the camera. After taking a good shot of your fab face, you’ll be instructed to write your signature and have your thumbs scanned. Be sure to check all the information that they will encode to avoid amendments which would take some time.

Step 6. After taking all your biometrics, you’re now done. It is up to you if you want to have your passport delivered to you thru LBC for 200 php or you’ll pick it up on the scheduled date. I opted to pick it up.

There are no rush processing of the passport as of this moment. All passports will be processed for 30 days or more if there’ll be delays. The fee would be 950 php. So be sure if you’re going to use your passport for travels, make an ample adjustment on the days. The longer, the better. We don’t want to rush and waste tickets, don’t we?

In my experience, the process took an hour which is quite quick. The time would vary though depending on the volume of people that will get on the day you decide to get yours. But don’t worry, if you have all the requirements needed, everything will run smooth and okay. 

To get more information, go to

Hope I helped you in anyway.

Looking forward to help more…



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