Weights and Sweats

Last week I had the chance to try something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. And that is to go to the gym.

I am not the type of person who would actually care about fitness. For all of my life I’ve been on the thin side. It’s hard for me to gain weight but so easy to lose it. I eat a lot. A lot. I love rice. I love pasta. I love pork chops and steaks. Gaa. I can’t stress how much I love eating. 

I don’t get fat or gain weight that much but my tummy gets big it would pass as a 4-month baby bump. People, I am not carrying a baby. I carry a lot of rice! Huhu.

Last summer I was obsessed of having a flat stomach, some abs if may be dreamy. I don’t know what exercises I must do and I turned to YouTube and voila, a 10 minute abs workout is right on my small screen! I thought it was gonna be easy but every time I do the exercises, I swear, those were the most excruciating moments of my life!

After summer though I came back to lots of eating! And I felt kinda sorry for my body because of countless calories it had to take. I knew I need to do something. 

So when my co-employees invited me to hit the gym, I agreed. I really have no idea what to do with all the equipment there but being a wide reader that I am, I kind of guessed what each of those biggies for. 

We stretched first before trying the stationary bike. I tried lifting weights too (mostly for my arms) starting with 10 kilos. 

It was my first time to try the treadmill too. I timed it for 15 minutes and I was so sweaty by the time the machine stopped.

All in all, the gym looked okay. I don’t have much expectations since I really have no idea how a gym should look like. 

I don’t know if I’ll visit a gym soon again. Maybe, if I find a more decent one. I would like to try Zumba too. 😀

Anyways, it’s always important to be fit and healthy. As the old people say, “Health is wealth”. And I couldn’t agree more.



P.S. My muscles are still sore though! And I forgot to get the name of the gym. My bad. smh

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