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S Dines: Gellie Anne Cafe & Restaurant

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I love eating. And because of this, I am always in search of some places interesting enough to eat at.

Last Sunday, I requested that M & I should eat somewhere new. We really don’t know where and had almost thought of eating in Tollhouse (Again. Not because we have anything against it) but we decided to look for other restaurants nearby. We’ve been passing by Gellie Anne Cafe & Restaurant a lot already and was always curious about it that that day was the perfect day to try it.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a woman and gave us the menu upon settling down. We were only customers at the time and was truly grateful for that because we got to take a lot of pictures without earning curious glances from others.

The interiors really impressed me. The white wall gave a stark contrast on the vibrant green color of the upholstery. It was just so pleasing on the eyes. The frames hanged too were chic and I fell instantly love with the place.

The place is as good as the food! I didn’t know what to expect but the Grilled Porkchop and Pancit Palabok M & I ordered were delicious! The price range of the food on the menu is quite practical. They have a set of budget meals you could choose from that have rice and drinks with it already! Great for a wise spender like me and students.

I also ordered a cup of Batirol. I am a fan of hot chocolates and I am, unconsciously, seeking for the best chocolate drink ever. The cup was too cute with hearts on it and so was the spoon. But the chocolate drink was sweet for my taste though. It’s not the Batirol, it’s my taste buds who doesn’t really like too much sweet food.

M & I ordered our usual and usual means our table must have a plate of clubhouse sandwiches on it. And we didn’t regret on ordering it because it was the most tasty clubhouse sandwich I’ve ever tasted!!! The pan was toasted with bread crumbs on it that I thought was really, really good because I always like my sandwiches soft.  The sandwich wasn’t greasy, which is perfect. And the fries were good too. Ahh, I could still taste it on my head. XD

We’re crazily full and satisfied! I wished to try their Panna Cotta too but it was not available at that time.

All in all, I really had a great dining experience on this new, local restaurant in our city. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. Visit and like their page here.


To more dining experiences!



Gellie Anne Cafe & Restaurant

#289 Sto. Rosario Street Barangay San Jose (In front of 7/11 Parking Lot, Holy Angel University), 2009 Angeles City 


Mon – Sun:10:00 am – 10:00 pm


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