Wanders & Wonders

Zambales x Metro Deal

Our trip in Zambales had been made possible because of the easily purchased coupons from Metro Deal. Online sites selling everything you could think of are now rampant that buying something is just a click of a mouse away. 

That’s why I’m truly grateful for having sites like Metro Deal because getting what you want is simple as 1,2,3. 

Travel agencies are also becoming ‘in’ nowadays giving promos that enable people to travel conveniently at reasonable cost. Now, seeing the world is not that impossible anymore.

Our Nagsasa Cove adventure is the product of these two– online site and travel agency. Oh, thank God for technology!

Because of this, I have now a handful of photographs of Zambales that would keep me wanting to go back to its beaches. See our photos below and enjoy Nagsasa Cove as we did!

How lovely is Nagsasa Cove, right?

CHeck my next post for more photos on our second day!

Have a lovely evening!



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