Wanders & Wonders

Nagsasa Cove, 2015


I don’t know when it started but my girlfriends and I always make it a point to have our annual summer get away. Our group is now bigger than before because we have our boyfriends now in tow. Getting older had someone made an impact to all of us. To spend time and cultivate our relationship with each other deeper than what we have when we were in high school. And it’s more different now because of the guys who joined our group whom I trust that will love my friends unconditionally. I hope they also see Mark as such, given that he’s the latest addition because I got hitched a lot later than they did. Lol. But I think Makoy’s doing fine. Right guys? Haha!

It was sad though that some of our friends didn’t get to join our quick trip. We missed you Em (hi, Japan!) Sheen (and Daniel of course) and Laine (but I miss Raine more! Haha and Renann)!! 


Anyway, our group chat contains thousands of messages by the time we came up in a decision that we will spend our summer in Nagsasa Cove which is situated in Zambales. Reasons were (1) it’s near Pampanga (2) it’s on promo because of Metrodeal! Haha!

Erika, who became our coordinator, made it sure that our purchased coupons were okay with our agreed date. We had our meeting prior our travel date because we want everything under control because going to Nagsasa Cove meant camping and almost all of us were a first timer.

We will only spend 2 days and a night in the island because we can’t afford to take a longer leave in our jobs. I guessed those 2 days were already enough to feel re-energized because being close to nature does that, don’t you think?

We brought almost everything from knives to stove because we don’t want to be unprepared. The vouchers said they will provide the kitchen wares and all but we don’t want to be too complacent. And we were right because the island was too crowded we had a hard time borrowing for a knife because there were groups who relied so much on what was stated on the vouchers. So I am recommending to just bring your own things to be prepared, more so on a peak season where almost everyone’s out of town. 


 Zambales was a 2 hour journey from Dau. We rode 2 buses to get to San Antonio Zambales because there were no buses in Dau Terminal going directly to Zambales. What we did was rode a Olongapo via SCTEX bus then changed bus on the Olongapo Terminal to get to the place where a guide from the agency was waiting. We arrived exactly as we planned in San Antonio and the guide gave us time to buy the things or food we will need. Since we agreed to buy the ones we will eat for dinner and breakfast the following day on the said market, we grouped ourselves and off we buy the things assigned to us.

Heaz, Mark and I were assigned to buy fruits. We bought watermelon, melon, bananas, and mangoes. I forgot what else we bought. Haha! 


9:00 came and we loaded our things on the tricycles assigned to us. It was almost a 20 minute drive from the market. Then we were dropped off on a beach where a big boat will take us to the island. The agency has several groups booked on that weekend. These groups and ours shared on that big boat. It was almost an hour ride til we came to our first side trip which was the Anawangin Cove. It was pretty much crowded. And the sand felt too hot under my sandals that I got no wish to roam around the island. We stayed there for 15 minutes or so before we head straight to Nagsasa Cove. It was quite a long ride again (I forgot how many minutes, but not more than an hour). 

Finally, we arrived on the island! We were so hungry and everything felt hot but our excitement was palpable! Yay for no internet, no signal for almost two days! Upon settling on the spot given to us, we already prepared our lunch the boodle fight style! Oh, our famished stomachs were too happy as we fill them in with yummy goodness of Filipino food. 

After eating, we’ve fixed our things and tent. Since it was too hot yet, we chose to play cards while killing time. But as always, there was no dull moment when we’re all together.

Up next would be more photos on our first day. See post after this.

Tempted to see Nagsasa now?



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