Thoughts on a Holiday

(Excuse my tanned self :D)

I know I haven’t been writing as religiously as I want to. Blame it on fatigue brought by extra hours from work and the lack of the ability to string words coherently. Anyway, if I tried hard enough it would have come as some kind of a rant and I don’t want to spread bad vibes to people following this blog (assuming I have at least one, mehe!)

But I have a quiet mind today and a quiet afternoon…plus I got to read my favorite blog by one of my favorite celebrities which is Patty Laurel-Filart’s blog and as usual, her preggy self charmed and inspired my heart again.

Icould not help but feel how much blessed I am today just by breathing. I may not travel as much as often, I may not eat fancy food every weekend, I may not own the most expensive gadgets, and I may not have so many money on my wallet right now…but still I am blessed.

believe that God had purposefully put me on this place right now. No matter how many times I daydream about being rich and ultra successful, I could not change the fact that God designed this life for me. A life I must treasure. The life where I must make the most out of.

Patty was right in saying that it’s how we live the LIFE. How we put ourselves out there and be an inspiration to many just because you live a life with a purpose and a grateful heart.

Today, I started the day with a challenge. I am already whining in my head but I figured, why? Will it help the situation? I think not. That’s why I approach it the way I approach life itself. Be chill and trust God.

How about you? How is your Independence Day holding up?

Remember, be independent on how you attack life but dependent on God’s love. Be independently inspiring. Be free, be gracious. Be thankful.

Happy Independence Day my beloved Philippines!!!>

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