Wanders & Wonders

Finally, Pagudpud!

By the time we arrived in Pagudpud, everyone’s already tired and hungry. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, after freshening up and stuffing our stomachs with good food, we dozed off to dreamland, all excited for the next day.

Our alarm went off exactly 5:30 am and everyone dragged their sleepy self up. We ate a little of breakfast then off we went to the shore, wearing our swim wears.

It was frustrating how I won’t be able to swim on the inviting South China Sea. The water was too magnificent I can’t help but stare at it and thank the Lord for His wonderful creation.

I walk awfully. Haha!

It’s a bummer that I have the visitor of the month that I can’t enjoy the waters. I just watched Rik, Zhy, and Mark take the plunge while I take pictures of them. Of course I also utilized the awesome background and took a handful of photos too. I could not pass up the chance! Haha!

The place was just too beautiful I don’t know what else to say. I know Saud beach was just a tip of an iceberg and there are still so many to see in Pagudpud that we failed to visit. With a limited time, we could only experience as much. However, of course, we have intentions of going back to see more of the great place.

By 9am, our group had already finished tidying up and off to a road trip again. 😀

And of course another stop over to take a proof that we indeed were in Pagudpud. :p

Til I see you again,


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