Wanders & Wonders

On to the road!

After our short stint in Abra, off we went to a road trip! Our destination? The Boracay of the North–Pagudpud!

We know it’s gonna be a long ride but we weren’t prepared as how long it would be! But as they say, focus on the journey, not the destination. LOL!

Anyway, we enjoyed the road trip mainly because we stopped in borders to take pictures as our reminder that we indeed crossed those paths once in our lives. (So melodramatic, haha!)

To reach our destination, we need to pass Ilocos Sur to get to Ilocos Norte where the coastal town of Pagudpud. From Abra, it was almost a five hour drive that our driver got really, really tired.

We passed by the Abra River, which is one of the largest rivers in the Philippines. It passes through Abra, Ilocos Sur, and the Mountain Province and flows to South China Sea. My heart always skip a beat whenever we pass that bridge which connects Abra and Ilocos Sur. 

Our van passed through municipalities and barangays in Ilocos Sur, and eventually reached Vigan. We didn’t stop there as we all decided we will visit the famous Calle Crisologo the next day on our way home.

The road seemed endless and we couldn’t find a 7 Eleven store which sells ice. We only chanced upon one way past Paoay. Finally, after few hours, we arrived Ilocos Norte. This is by far the farthest place I’ve ever been in the Philippines! It was such an achievement for all of us that we stopped and took pictures.

M and S in Ilocos Norte!

It’s already getting dark the moment we arrived in Laoag and of course we couldn’t not take pictures in here too!

Laoag’s sinking bell tower captured my heart♥

After this, we got lost. Almost 45 minutes was wasted…good thing there’s GPS which guided us right back on track. By this time, our driver was already getting tired. We almost backed out and
we’re already planning on looking for the nearest place we could rest at but the
GPS said only two hours more ‘til our destination and we just kinda, let’s
carry on! 

Though it was mostly dark
long roads, the group got pretty animated and excited when we started seeing giant windmills across the dark
sky. It was like looking at transformers in the middle of the night you can’t
help but get scared. Lol! 

We then let out a cry of relief when we saw the welcome arc
that says we’ve reached Pagudpud already! We went straight to the nearest
resort we saw and fortunately we got the room for 2500 only and we were 11 with
no additional cost! Talk about a lucky bargain and kind receptionisi! Lol! It
was just sad though that I forgot the name of the resort/inn. 😦 Will try to
remember and ask my companion about it. While our rice is being cooked, we went to see the beach. It was pretty dark but still it promises to be awesome when the day breaks.

After eating our dinner (salted egg,
chicharon, & tomato!) we called it a day and off we go to dreamland.

Stay tuned on to the next post and read about our morning in Saud Beach, Pagudpud! 🙂



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