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Hello Abra!…again

Hello guys! Here I am, finally, to share with all of you the experience I had 2 Sundays ago when we decided to take on a road trip to get to Pagudpud! If you’re following me on Instagram, you would have seen my photos from Abra, Vigan, and Ilocos Norte. It sure is the great kick off to start the summer season!

Anyways, our main reason why we went up north was my cousin’s high school graduation in Abra. Saw the province the first time almost 3 years ago and it kinda changed a bit. Good thing, yeah? 🙂 And obviously, that’s our first destination.

Abra is almost 6 hours away from Pampanga. It’s located in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon and its capital is Bangued. Haven’t been in Bangued though, since our destination is in Pilar. Will definitely check it out the next time we visit!

It was quite a long trip that when we arrived in Abra, we instantly dozed off. After a few hours though, I woke my friends (Rik and Zhy) and of course, Makoy, up. We walked around the streets and saw a tobacco field! Never thought they were as lovely as they are when they’re not yet being sold as cigarettes. Lol! 


Yes, that’s me blending in. 😀

While walking through the streets of Pilar, we saw interesting things like this house which its main source of living is the making of tobacco cigarettes.


Look how the leaves are being dried! Tobacco is a green leafy plant that are picked then dried and used as the main ingredient of a cigarette.


We also saw the church situated on an elevated part of the barangay. We went up and peeked in and listened a bit on the mass that was going on. Just across the church though was the stage where 43 students of the high school department will graduate.


After strolling, we went back to the house and took a bath. The original plan was we will watch the graduation rites but we got lazy and dozed off, again, on the sofa. 😀


A picture added to our travel photos. 

By lunch time, the program had ended already  and visitors flocked in to celebrate my cousin’s milestone. It was 2pm when we decided to leave Abra and off we start our road trip to Pagudpud.  


Til next time Pilar!


With Rik in Abra part two!


And of course we couldn’t leave Abra without taking photos on its ‘welcome’ sign. So touristy, yeah? 😀


Thank you Abra! Will visit you soon again!



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