Wanders & Wonders

Silver year, silver bells

Quarter life. If we are to live for a hundred years, I now have reached the quarter of it. I turned 25, days ago and I couldn’t seem quite to grasp on the idea of it. There were no physical changes…but mentally I’ve been pondering on how I should live the last five years before I hit the 3s.

Truthfully, I am still not as accomplished as I would like to be. But I believe everything will fall into place at the right time.

I turned 25 in Hong Kong with Mark beside me. He presented me a small brownie without the candle. Gaa. XD

Come morning, my father and his girlfriend fetched us and we went straight to World Wide to add up our baggage limit. It’s past lunch when we’ve finished with it (plus the quick shopping at Giordano for pasalubong). We ate lunch at Jollibee!!! Haha! There were so many Filipinos eating there.


We spent the entire afternoon looking for more pasalubong and my birthday dinner dress. Ended up at Cotton On. We went home to change and voila:


Kinda felt pretty with this dress. LOL!


Cutesy shop!


Then off to stuffing our stomach!! Gaa, my tummy was loaded!


Two birthdays with this man and counting!


I present to you my lovely cake!! And it’s a carrot cake! Aesthetics + Flavor = Best Silver Cake ever!


Birthday with the “old” man after two decades! Miss you Tata! šŸ™‚


The slicing of the cake! Naks! The cake was pure heaven!


Well, that’s how I celebrated my Silver Day…of course with my sparkly silver shoes. Haha!

Old and not feeling it,


P.S. Hey, age is just a number baby! šŸ˜€

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