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MS goes to Disneyland!

Hi guys! Sharing you photos from our Disney trip. Here it goes:

It’s our official first day in Hong Kong and the first item on our itinerary was Disneyland. Tita Anne, Tita Lhay and her friend went with us to be kids for one day.

We started the day by eating Yum Cha for breakfast. I enjoyed most of the dishes (pardon my taste buds, they aren’t yet used to foreign food mehehe).

Mark enjoyed the egg tarts, siopao, and siomai more than anything.

Photo op before heading out Tung Yuen Banquet.

Groufie inside the MTR station. 🙂

Changed trains to reach Disneyland. Mickey window!!! 🙂

And Mickey handle! Hashtag kyot!

At last, Disneyland Resort!!! Notice the wet floor. Thought I’ll be spending a rainy Disney experience again!

Layered clothes to protect my body from the shivering cold. The temperature went down to 12 degrees Celsius as the night drew closer.

Welcome to Disneyland my lovesss!

There were too many tourists that day. You know there’s a big holiday on a place coming when there are many people flocking in. Chinese New Year is near!

I am not a good photographer that’s why Mark got very frustrated on the way his photos turned out. Hahaha!

I wanted to ride it but it’s prohibited. Well, a photo will do. 😀

Looked and smelled the Mickey waffles but didn’t buy! Haha!

Look, honey, it’s Cinderella castle behind you! 🙂

I wanna take you home Stitch!

We enjoyed the Lion King show so much!

A staff member took this photo. Thank you Pang Yao!

The jungle river cruise is the bomb!

Oh Pooh! :*

Hey Mickey you’re so fine! Hihi

It’s my first time to try Mystic Point and it didn’t disappoint!! I would love to ride it again!

Mickey and Minnie forever 🙂

This ride left us breathless…literally! Gaaaaaaaaaaa!

And no Disney experience is complete if there’s no fireworks display. It’s beyond beautiful!

Our feet got tired but our kiddy hearts were happy. Thank you Disney for a wonderful experience!

Til I see you again!



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